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    The North

    Within the Northern vicinity of the city the wealthy gather behind meticulously trimmed hedges and high class victorian architecture. The streets are paved with stone, the buildings are made of brick, and the storefronts are brightly lit and inviting. In the North every establishment is made to cater to the rich and the wealthy. Many such places are used to the sometimes peculiar requests of the otherworldly but here there is little that money cannot buy - weather it be illegal or merely looking the other way. Vampires and Dark Hunters are often found upon these Northern streets, their long lives often contributing to their sizable wealth which allow them the luxuries that the North provides.

    What's You'll Find Here

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    St. Pancras Station

    owned by Eve Thorn
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    St. Pancras Station

    A historical train station renovated in to a luxury resort-style country club that unites Victorian elegance with contemporary style. Relax in the full-service spa featuring spa treatments, saunas, spa pools with hydro therapy & aqua bar, and relaxation lounges. The club offers many dining and entertainment options including Seven Sisters Lounge, Victoria Bistro, Barlow Gastropub and the formal St. Pancras restaurant as well as boutique shopping and event halls. Join The Chambers Club for a more exclusive entertainment experience.

    Owner Eve Thorn

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    The VooDoo Room

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    The VooDoo Room

    The Voodoo Room is an award winning bar that aims to provide an eclectic and exotic atmosphere. The bar is filled with intoxicating liquors and a voodoo vibe to keep you coming back. Their mixologists meet the highest standards with our fantastical themed selections of cocktails and specials.

    Owner Ceara Hade

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    The Witchery

    owned by Rowena Metcalf
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    The Witchery

    Dark, gothic, and throughly theatrical, the Witchery is a place to indulge yourself with it's fabulously lavish suites. Whatever room you choose, you'll find glamor, indulgence and luxury. The suites you have to choose from are: the Vestry, Sempill, the Old Rectory, the Library, the Turret, Heriot, Guardsroom, Armory.

    Owner Rowena Metcalf

    Sous Chef Elenore Dorian

death incarnate, night triumphant166.137.143.80Posted On November 14, 2017 at 11:17 AM by Andras Stein

death incarnate & night triumphant

The drumming of Matteo’s fingers against the arm rest fills the air as Andras inspects the Fae. He remembered this particular man wandering the halls of that castle all those centuries ago, Andras had never had an opportunity to corner him and ask why he was lingering in a human domain, his own negotiations with the king taking priority over everything else. Pushing the memories from his mind, he thanks Matteo, and merely gives a nod to his response. It was hard to deny Dorian anything, especially as a friend. There was such goodness in the faerie he was rather thankful to reconnect with him after all these years.

Andras is observant of the man across from him, even when his silver eyes travel across the room to stare at… something. The Lord stiffens but doesn’t allow himself to look, he was certain there was no one else in this room, he would have scented them. Perhaps it was a ploy to get the man to feel uncomfortable, and though he wouldn’t admit it, it was working. So, when Matteo answers his question outright, he allows that wicked grin to adorn his features to hide that uncertainty, though he suspects Matteo is aware of it either way.

“Yes, she was,” he responds with a small dip of his head in agreement, “And what manner of relationship did you have with my mother?” he asks, curious if his mother had an intimate relationship with this man. He didn’t particularly care to know the details he merely wished to know more about who his mother was prior to meeting his father. His father doted on Amity, his mother, though he was a cruel ruler and did nothing for his people. Amity was light and beautiful and all things good, fierce when she needed to be and his people adored her, worshipped her. He did not mourn his father’s passing but his mother’s… his mother’s passing still managed to grief stricken him when he least expected it.

Andras was surprised by the information Matteo afforded him. The news of belonging to another court was new to him, he had assumed his mother had been a part of the Shadow Court her entire life. Frowning at the information, perhaps he didn’t know his mother as well as he thought. She was a private person but he never expected her to keep such information away from him, her son. Leaning back in the chair, he crosses a leg over the other, allowing his own arms to snake out and rest on the arms of the furniture, “She eventually got that daughter she wished for a century later,” he smiles softly at the memory of Sylvia. If Amity was the reincarnation of light and all things good, Sylvia was all things wild and free. His sister was untamed and reckless and she adored flying.

His attention is drawn back to Matteo by the movement of his fingers tracing the chain and that of a crucifix. Brows raised in a questioning manner, he doesn’t pry, “And what of my father? Did you meet with him much before his death?” he asks, wondering what Matteo thought of his prick of a father. Eventually, their conversation shifts, and Andras is unable to contain the thought of knowing more of Lani. He’s surprised at his own outburst, almost as much as Matteo is. Still, he opens his mouth to question the man further until the Fae retreats into his seat, those silver eyes of his flashing red. Blinking in surprise, he silences himself as he inspects the man, unsure of what he had just seen.

The silence is broken by Matteo and Andras almost flinches at his voice. Again, there’s a moment of silence and he knew better than to interrupt it, patience is what typically one the faerie man things and so he would be patient even though everything in him screamed to demand more. It’s a while before Matteo deigns him worthy of what he saw and Andras is sitting up straighter when he begins to speak. Brows sky rocketing, his mouth opens as if he were going to say something and instead snaps shut as he attempts to regain his composure. “How did… never mind, don’t answer that. I think whatever you just saw, you might have been… misinformed. I would not take Lani to bed nor have intimate interactions with her. I would not subject her to a life with a target on her back,” he blinks sternly at Matteo though he could feel the utter wrongness of those words that drip from his mouth.

He was attracted to the human woman. It was new and different and Andras wasn’t entirely sure as to what to make of it. There was a sort of… bond that connected the two of him. He was drawn towards her in a way he couldn’t explain. Hazel eyes going wide at the sudden discovery, his gaze darts to Matteo in disbelief. A human was his mate. Shaking his head as if he could deny it, he doesn’t respond though he’s certain that Matteo knew just what went through his head. He would ignore it. He would scare her off. As much as he enjoyed Lani’s company… he couldn’t force Fae traditions on her; wouldn’t.

He’s drawn from the recess of his mind when the Fae begins to speak again, those infuriating words so leaving his lips and only creates a look of confusion on Andras’s features. He has a brief moment to replay the words given to him before Matteo is speaking again in the most sincere way he had since their meeting began. Arching a brow at him, he reclines into that seat once more, “You are a conundrum,” he states blandly, his energy sapped at their short meeting. He wanted to question the man, yet he doubted, in this case, Matteo would offer him any more information. “You aren’t going to provide me anymore answers to that one, are you?” he sighs, knowing full well what the answer would be.

Shaking his head again, his own fingers begin to drum along the chair as he pushes that impatience away. He would think about it later, right now – now he needed to question Matteo about the real reason he was here. “Do you know who was responsible for the death of my family?” he asks finally. No more beating around the bush.

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