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    The North

    Within the Northern vicinity of the city the wealthy gather behind meticulously trimmed hedges and high class victorian architecture. The streets are paved with stone, the buildings are made of brick, and the storefronts are brightly lit and inviting. In the North every establishment is made to cater to the rich and the wealthy. Many such places are used to the sometimes peculiar requests of the otherworldly but here there is little that money cannot buy - weather it be illegal or merely looking the other way. Vampires and Dark Hunters are often found upon these Northern streets, their long lives often contributing to their sizable wealth which allow them the luxuries that the North provides.

    What's You'll Find Here

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    St. Pancras Station

    owned by Eve Thorn
    1 employees

    St. Pancras Station

    A historical train station renovated in to a luxury resort-style country club that unites Victorian elegance with contemporary style. Relax in the full-service spa featuring spa treatments, saunas, spa pools with hydro therapy & aqua bar, and relaxation lounges. The club offers many dining and entertainment options including Seven Sisters Lounge, Victoria Bistro, Barlow Gastropub and the formal St. Pancras restaurant as well as boutique shopping and event halls. Join The Chambers Club for a more exclusive entertainment experience.

    Owner Eve Thorn

    Iórkæll Dværg

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    The VooDoo Room

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    The VooDoo Room

    The Voodoo Room is an award winning bar that aims to provide an eclectic and exotic atmosphere. The bar is filled with intoxicating liquors and a voodoo vibe to keep you coming back. Their mixologists meet the highest standards with our fantastical themed selections of cocktails and specials.

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    The Witchery

    owned by Rowena Metcalf
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    The Witchery

    Dark, gothic, and throughly theatrical, the Witchery is a place to indulge yourself with it's fabulously lavish suites. Whatever room you choose, you'll find glamor, indulgence and luxury. The suites you have to choose from are: the Vestry, Sempill, the Old Rectory, the Library, the Turret, Heriot, Guardsroom, Armory.

    Owner Rowena Metcalf

    Sous Chef Elenore Dorian

i suppose we shouldn't die then60.227.141.223Posted On October 30, 2016 at 2:21 PM by Rixon Leifsson

Of all Frost had come to expect from Hunters at large this one continually proved determined to be different. He had, in those moments of so eyeing that miserable cave, very near forgotten about Alexander resting upon his back- his mind far to fixated on that incomparable fear that seemed to eclipse him so entirely despite the utter foolishness of it. How he loathed that fear, how he hated it and yet cursing himself hardly seemed to improve upon it, that hesitation marking his form until one hand seems to find itself pressed against the nape of his neck, surprise seeing one eye rotate back towards the man as those foreign lyrics meet his ears. What Alexander was saying was entirely lost upon him and yet for reasons even Frost hardly cared to consider he found something almost pleasant about the simple…tone of them, the stallion so settling before pressing abruptly forward. At least until his hoof struck that iced surface, the sound echoing within the cave and bringing him to a halt once more as that nervousness clawed at his chest. It was so narrow….the ceiling so low, if they got trapped within how the hell were they going to get out? There was no sun, no air, no space- each of these things only seeming to irritate the equine all the more before a soft sigh from behind sees Alexander swing down and take the lead. Something almost akin to curiosity adorning the equines features beneath that long, wild forelock of mane.

Why do you- forget it.

Whatever the stallion had so been about to say is dismissed, Frost entirely refusing to utter those words tonight, falling into step instead behind the man. Alexanders body ahead of him preventing him from going entirely too fast even despite that rapidly building desire to simply run though the cave and find the other side. One ear swivels neatly atop his head all the same, finding some pleasure once more in the Greek words that Alexander had taken to uttering, though whether they were meant for him or the man merely spoke to himself Frost hardly knew. It hardly mattered, he supposed, his mind finding enough distraction within them to slow his pace to something far more manageable from the ground- allowing the Hunter to rest one hand upon him all the same as his own ears pricked forward again, listening for the sounds of anyone approaching. It is his own mention of cats that sees perhaps the first look of unease the stallion has ever seen cross the Hunters features, one violet eye lifting slightly upward, his own fear momentarily forgotten in the wake of this. That thought that hung within the Hunters mind was hardly missed, Frost’s own head dipping in agreement. The pair, for once, seeming to have finally found some ready unity with one another if only because the stallion had, at last, relinquished some control of their situation to the Hunter beside him. Allowing Alexander to lead and for himself to follow, whatever fledgling trust he had found in the man so inclining him to believe that perhaps this Hunter was not trying to kill him. That this one he need not work against as he had the others. It is a difficult thing to accept in any sense and yet, somewhere upon that snowy tundra the stallion had found he almost liked this man for no other reason then because he was….likeable.

Alexanders pace slows suddenly, Frost allowing his own to drop further too on that unspoken command, the equine having decided to be attentive to his rider today as his own gaze peered over that ledge and towards the veritable vampire nest below. How many generations of vampires existed here? How long had they been here? His own gaze roves over the group milling below, his attention shifting only as Alexanders fists suddenly clench together, Frost half inclined to believe the man was merely irritated at the impossibility of the situation before a simple glimpse into those tumbling thoughts proved otherwise, one eye arching upward as much as a horse is surely capable of before something almost akin to….pleasure seemed to find its way to the surface of the often emotionless animal.

I would have liked to have met you, in think, in your glory days so to speak. I like this side of you.

It is, perhaps, the closet thing to a compliment the horse had ever afforded his companion, Frost shuffling back now into the darkness to stand beside the man and remove himself from the view of any vampire that should be inclined to look upward. Frost so seeming to have found favour in this more….stubborn, prideful, determined side of the Hunter. How glorious they could be together- if only their determination was aimed at the same ideal. The idea however, that the Hunter clearly remained determined to win here today was perhaps something more, the odds so decidedly not in their favour, his thoughts offered to the man’s mind alone in response to that question. He was reluctant, perhaps, to so afford the man every knowledge of his skills and yet here and now he saw little need to conceal them. Frost so having decided to trust his companion tonight.

“I can control the temperature of anything living, though that skill is debatable I think, in the presence of vampires. If they have fed recently I can manipulate the temperature of the blood in their bodies and yet overheating or chilling a vampire I think, is an effort in futility- nor can I do that many at once. I can read minds as I am sure you are aware, I can take any injury I receive and return it to the being whom gave it to me, healing myself in turn or I can give the injury to anyone else around me making me decidedly difficult to kill, I can create illusions of anything you can imagine, I can make them smell, taste and feel entirely real and I have another talent- one of which I understand little, it is more so a feeling then a true power I think. When I…..decide to do something I tend to become rather….unstoppable in that desire, it is like a Will of sorts I suppose.”

He pauses then, so allowing Alexander to process that utter wealth of information, his tail flicking up at his flanks now, one ear rotating to listen for any unexpected approach. Dead as a vampire surely was, it still made sounds when it moved, that stallion entirely inclined to listen if only to assure their safety.

“I am more agile in my human form if you think shifting might assist us, though I am vastly stronger and more powerful physically in this one. Almost all those vampires below us were wearing fur, the axe we were attacked with before was hand-made, I suspect these are very old vampires or at least they don’t get out very much.”

A small touch of amusement seemed to echo within his words before his attention fell almost expectantly upon his Hunter again.

“Are you going planning to rescue the humans here?”



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