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People posting with me... On June 07, 2017 at 8:01 AM by Zombie

SOOOOOOOOOO sorry I went MIA - between work and some family drama/crisis, I'm back in action. I have the next three days off work so I will be posting today and Friday (Thursday is my Aunt's wedding...so I may not get anything done that day). Below is my posting list that I -think- has everyone listed. Posts with a [x] are completed and those with a [o] are ones I still need to do. If anyone wants a thread, please just add it. Password is: wedding

[x] Henry to Tetradore
[x] Henry to Malia
[x] Amelia to Troy
[x] Amelia to Dareios
[x] Amelia to Sebastian
[o] Amelia to Anna-Marie
[x] Emerson to Malek
[o] Emerson to Kearn


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