Yumi Chizue

  • Face Claim Jessica Jung
    General StatsName Yumi Chizue
    Nicknames None
    Age 28
    Gender Female
    Ethnicity Japanese American
    Hair Color Dark Brunette
    Eye Color Brown
    Height 5'4
    Residence Unknown
    RelationshipSexuality Heterosexual
    Relationship Status Unknown

    SpeciesSpecies Vampire
    Date Of Change January 2010
    Age of Appearance 18
    Yumi Chizue is a psychic vampire. This means that instead of feeding off blood, she feeds off of other's energy or psyche. Sadly, being a psychic vampire is all it's cracked up to be as her moods tend to vary based on her last "meal". When necessary she is capable of feeding off other vampires but finds their auras to be rather...well dead. Like normal vampires she is still capable of killing humans by essentially taking too much of their souls. When not under the influence of others Chizue tends to be very blaise towards life. Her constant unwelcomed moods leave her emotionally drained. She's not the type to smile frequently but she doesn't dwell on past mistakes that she's made or others have made towards her. Chizue is always very cautious and she tends to despise change in general.

  • Powers
    Psychic Vampire
    Feeds off of others energy or psyche instead of blood.
    Can cause others lose their way where any/all attempt by the victim to determine their position fail.
    Moods Manipulated By Meals
    Her moods often change to reflect the general persona of her last meal.
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