Spencer Anton Lombardo

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    General StatsName Spencer Anton Lombardo
    Nicknames Spencer, Spence
    Age 37
    Gender Male
    Ethnicity Italian, Austrian, French
    Hair Color Dark Brunette
    Eye Color Brown
    Height 6'4
    Residence Hawethorn Villiage
    RelationshipSexuality Asexual
    Relationship Status Unknown

    SpeciesSpecies Warlock
    While Spencer has developed an immunity to poisons and disease (which comes in great handiness during Flu Season), he lost his ability to taste almost anything. Only extremely powerful flavors seem to catch the slightest taste which means he instantly hones in and prefers those things. As it turns out, eating flavorless food gets very dull after a while. His inability to taste anything, as you can imagine, means his dishes range from the extremely bland to the overpowering of spices, usually unintentional. Another drawback to his lack of taste means he has been poisoned (purposefully and otherwise) since his first line of defense is inadequate. Thankfully (sarcasm) his body lets him know in other ways that he’s been poisoned, like becoming violently ill. What, you didn’t think it was going to be some ridiculous Super Hero movie did you? Where it doesn’t have any effect on him? Despite his occasional disagreement with the Dark Hunters, Spencer tends to prefer to do business with them since he has a bit of a Were-phobia after a vicious attack left him a bloody stump for a leg. While the wounds have healed, he is stuck with a prosthetic lower leg and tends to be a bit bitter about this fact.

  • Powers
    Possesses and immunity to diseases and poisons.
    Possesses no sense of taste.
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    Johnathan Holmes
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