Amelia Agnieszka Marek

  • Face Claim Mila Kunis
    General StatsName Amelia Agnieszka Marek
    Nicknames None
    Age 617
    Gender Female
    Ethnicity Polish
    Hair Color Dark Brunette
    Eye Color Green
    Height 5'4
    Residence Anacosta Heights
    RelationshipSexuality Bisexual
    Relationship Status In a relationship
    Significant Other Troy Marks

    SpeciesSpecies Vampire
    Date Of Change January 1427
    Age of Appearance 27
    Amelia has different colored eyes: one is green, the other is brown.

  • Powers
    Astral Projection
    The ability to, against all odds, have vampire children whom will age to the appearance of 20.
    Allergy to nickel
  • Points
    Aug 16, 2017ResidencesPosting1
    Aug 9, 2017ResidencesPosting2
    Aug 3, 2017NorthPosting2
    Aug 3, 2017SouthPosting2
    Jul 18, 2017ResidencesPosting2
    Jul 8, 2017ResidencesPosting1
    Jul 6, 2017SouthPosting2
    Jul 4, 2017NorthPosting1
    Jul 1, 2017ResidencesPosting1
    Jun 26, 2017ResidencesPosting2
    Jun 18, 2017ResidencesPosting1
    Jun 17, 2017NorthPosting2
    Jun 17, 2017SouthPosting2
    Jun 8, 2017ResidencesPosting2
    Jun 8, 2017NorthPosting1
    May 20, 2017NorthPosting2
    May 14, 2017NorthPosting1
    May 7, 2017ResidencesPosting1
    Apr 30, 2017NorthPosting2
    Apr 28, 2017ResidencesPosting1
    Apr 25, 2017ResidencesPosting2
    Apr 21, 2017ResidencesPosting1
    Apr 16, 2017ResidencesPosting1
    Apr 10, 2017NorthPosting1
    Apr 9, 2017ResidencesPosting2
    Mar 27, 2017ResidencesPosting3
    Mar 25, 2017ResidencesPosting3
    Mar 23, 2017ResidencesPosting2
    Mar 23, 2017ResidencesPosting2
    Mar 21, 2017ResidencesPosting1
    49 Total Points
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