Lazarus Wolfe Daray

  • General StatsName Lazarus Wolfe Daray
    Nicknames None
    Age 26
    Gender Male
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    Hair Color Light Brunette
    Eye Color Green
    Height 5'11
    Residence Hawethorn Village
    RelationshipSexuality Heterosexual
    Relationship Status Unknown
    Significant Other Elain Daray

    SpeciesSpecies Dark Hunter
    Date Of Change February 2012
    Age of Appearance 26
    Lazarus is not the most socially inclined being in the world, known by many to be a bit of an arse with a self-serving nature - except when it comes to his sister and those close to him. On a good day, he's a laid back guy that minds his own business (most times) and expects others to keep their nose out of his. However, on a bad day he is known to be a very temperamental and impatient individual. He is fiercely protective of his little sister, and given their traumatic past when their parents had been murdered in a robbery gone bad, he does not trust easily and tends to keep himself detached from others save for Elain who he promised to forever keep safe.

  • Powers

    Fear Inducement

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