Elain Chase Daray

  • General StatsName Elain Chase Daray
    Nicknames None
    Age 19
    Gender Female
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    Hair Color Dirty Blond
    Eye Color Blue
    Height 5'5
    Residence Hawethorn Village
    RelationshipSexuality Heterosexual
    Relationship Status Unknown
    Significant Other Lazarus Daray

    SpeciesSpecies Dark Hunter
    Date Of Change July 2016
    Age of Appearance 18
    Elain is pretty much the polar opposite of her big brother, Lazarus. She's outgoing, adventurous, intuitive, and friendly. She is alwsy happy to help those in need where she can. Polite and warm-hearted, she's willing to be anyone's friend. Her patience is almost saint-like, but beneath that sweet smile and is a hold and brave girl that, if pressed beyond her human limits, can be surprisingly fierce and sharp-tongued.

  • Powers

    Can heal anything except fractures/broken bones

    Nausea and dizziness after using power
  • Points
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