Katarina Renee Foster

  • Face Claim Kate Beckinsale
    General StatsName Katarina Renee Foster
    Nicknames Kat
    Age 44
    Gender Female
    Ethnicity English/burmese
    Hair Color Light Brunette
    Eye Color Brown
    Height 5'7
    Residence Unknown
    RelationshipSexuality Heterosexual
    Relationship Status In a relationship
    Significant Other Kohl Jones

    SpeciesSpecies Dark Hunter
    Date Of Change December 1998
    Age of Appearance 25
    Precognition: She's not psychic. This mostly kicks in when her adrenaline's pumping, like in a fight. She can see what her opponent is about to do in her mind right before it happens. Like if they're about to kick, she sees it right before they move to lift their leg and so it gives her an advantage in battle. Family: She lost her family when she was 15 and was raised by a man who she thought she could trust. He pushed her so hard to forget her family that she subdued their memory. Now just the thought of anyone getting close to her, whether by friendship or intimacy puts her on guard and usually makes her push away or distance herself.

  • Powers
    The ability to anticipate the movements of others, especially during adrenaline rushing situations.
    Metal Manipulation
    The ability to manipulate all varieties of metal.
    Power Recognition
    May identify the powers and weaknesses of other supernaturals.
    Has difficulty trusting others.
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