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Sebastian Ellingtonfor pleasure seldom has a cure

If there was any one thing Sebastian understood with particularly vast understanding - it was death. After all, the vampire died again and again nearly nightly. He certainly partook in his fair share of recklessness, if only for the simple knowledge of how it certainly wouldn't kill him. If there was any singular being who was capable of seeing through the young woman, it certainly was that English vampire. He could quite near see that flare of anger within her at his words and yet, Sebastian hardly hesitated as those words and that inevitable truth fell abruptly from his lips with a sort of bluntness that was almost atypical of the usually polite and cordial being. That weak simper he was given in return only further solidified his suspicions, he was right, about it all. Those bright blue eyes settled upon her figure, the man simply surveying her for a moment before the vampire left that nearly rhetorical question with but a small shrug and continued silence. Rather, he was entirely content to simply allow his gaze to turn towards the mare before him, the man leaning upon that stall as Vhalla joined him. His gaze shifted towards the ebony stallion beside that ivory mare at that idle question, that name fell easily from his lips, every bit as formal as the name given to his own horse.

That snort that left her nose prompted a small simper upon his own face, even as Vhalla insisted that such naming seemed very much like the fae Monarch. It was almost funny, really, that the King was regarded in such a way when the truth was that Dorian's near formal naming of the horse was his own fault. God, how he loved that man. His thoughts, however, were pulled from such considerations at that suggestion of a drink, one that Sebastian found he near desperately needed in that evening. Readily, the vampire nodded, willing to leave those horses to the hay they'd been given. He stepped out of the barn, closing it behind him before leading the way down that stone pathway and back towards the large manor that awaited them, inquiring all the while to her preference for drink. There was certainly little of his home that was understocked in any fashion, his alcohol cabinet certainly overflowing of not only those hard liquors but fine wines, some that bared the symbol of his own family crest. Bourbon was something he had a plenty of, enough bottles that she might choose exactly which one intrigued her.

He was almost surprised, as they stepped through those French doors, to find Vhalla removing her shoes les she dirty his floors. It was rare when the girl displayed any true thoughts of other's feelings that to see an action so distinctly conscious was almost astounding. Even so, he said nothing of it, lest it ruin he gesture. His own shoes were pulled from his feet, deposited next to hers. That low whistle that left the girl's lips briefly drew the vampire's eyes, the girl was quite clearly taking stock of that home and yet, even this was certainly not as glamorous as those estates he and Dorian held overseas. After all, his lover's palace near dwarfed anything Sebastian even owned. Nevertheless, his thoughts of such things were interrupted by a rather poor sense of humor, the vampire unable to help that snort that left his nose. "I promise you, I'm not compensating for anything, dear." He commented simply, a small simper toying at his features. Quite on the contrary, Sebastian was near the epitome of a sensual individual in every aspect. Size was the least of his concerns.

Rather, the vampire led her down that marbled hallway, speaking over his shoulder all the same to provide a real answer to what he even doubted was a real question. "It reminds us of the age when we were born. It was customary, in my childhood, to own large estates if you held any real power or wealth. It is not quite like those homes in England but...she will do." His fingers lightly reached out to brush against that ornate wallpaper in a small touch of affection for the home, his fingers trailing against that wall as he led her into the study. A long glass door liquor cabinet stood against one wall, the shelves of which were near filled with various bottles of various ages and types. "All of these are bourbons...feel free to choose one of your liking." He commented, gesturing towards a section whilst he plucked two of those tumblrs from the top of that cabinet for their use. He placed those glasses on the side table between two rather plush chairs that faced the cold, quiet hearth. The vampire was altogether content to flop unceremoniously within one of those seats, entirely willing to drink whatever beverage she plucked from that bountiful selection of booze.


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