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Henry was trying to give her an innocent version of sex ed, but damnit…she was asking too many questions. He almost wanted to put her in front of a book and let her explore it on her own, but something told him that she wouldn’t want it that way. Malia was a persistent female. She would not back down unless she was thoroughly schooled…and by schooled he meant the hands-on demonstration with reciprocation.

He listened for her understanding and only chuckled when she said it never seemed fun for the female. “You haven’t experienced it for yourself. It’s very fun…for you and for your mate.” Mate. That was a word she would understand, right? He hoped so. At least maybe she would have an easier time of following him if she understood the vocabulary a little better.

He looked over at her as she scooted closer to him, their shoulders practically touching. He coughed nervously as she told him that A. She cared for him and B. that because he had shown her everything there was to know about being human…so why stop now. “Are you sure you want this? There’s always the risk of getting pregnant...though I’ll try hard to prevent it.” He didn’t want her to think that despite it being fun, there was no risk. He wasn’t even about to tell her about losing her virginity might be painful the first time. That was a can of worms he would open when the time came.


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