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She felt like a total idiot when it came to the human side of stuff. Ask her about survival and pack laws all day long and she was golden but intimacy and human relationships? She was lost. She didn't understand anything about why they did the things they did. It was all so different than what they did in the wild. In her pack, a male would choose a female and if she thought him strong enough, she would accept him as her mate. Then they would have litters and continue his line forever, amen. If sickness took one before its time, then the male would probably eventually choose a new mate. Most of the time, females seemed to grieve more and rarely got another mate. But human seemed to be a whole new world. Females and males alike roamed around with their pheramones on their sleeves. If they were attracted to one another, they would leave together and choose someone's home to go back to and she would guess, mate. But they usually didn't stay together. The next night, it was like they just hit reset and went roaming again. She didn't know whether to be curious or disgusted.

But she was getting used to this whole attraction deal. Henry was an attractive guy and there was chemistry because of that attraction but she knew it would never be more than a friendly attraction. He didn't like to talk about it but she had the feeling he was already head over heels for someone else. If he didn't want to talk about it then she wouldn't push him. She just wanted him to be happy at the end of the day. But surely he wouldn't even be entertaining the idea of this with her if he was in an active relationship, right? That's what she kept telling herself anyway. He explained that some humans find mates on a daily basis for the fun of it. Each person was different, apparently. She tilted her head, brows furrowed as she tried to understand. "So a human can choose whether to have one mate for life or many throughout their life?" She hoped she was starting to get it anyway. Then he said that she could get pregnant and she felt something inside herself. She didn't sign on for a family, at least not yet. And not with her friend. She wanted to wait on that for a while. When she explained that to him, he said that he wanted her to know the possibilites and that he would try to prevent it.

She scowled for a moment, wanting to tell him try wasn't good enough. She didn't want pups, not any time soon. Not that Henry probably wouldn't make a decent dad but it wasn't the future she saw for herself. She saw Nadya and sure she looked happy but she didn't want that yet. "Try hard." She reiterated for him with an arched brow. Then she teased him, asking if he found her ugly and he was quick to say that he didn't find her ugly at all. She smirked, her ego stroked a little on that one. "Good. You're not so bad looking yourself." She felt it was only polite to offer him the same courtesy. She tried to make the first move, her hand caressing his thigh. She waited to see what that would trigger and she wasn't disappointed. He moved her onto his lap so she let her hands rest on his shoulders as he started kissing her neck. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, trying to savor the sensations of his lips on her skin. It did feel nice. Very nice, in fact. She felt her body starting to respond as his hands traveled the length of her torso, grasping the hem of her shirt to pull it up and over her head. Being naked wasn't a problem for her. In fact, it was the idea of not being naked that had been confusing for her in the first place.

The whole point that you can be naked while having fun at this was just a bonus in her opinion. She felt more free already as her shirt came off, almost aching already for him to free her the rest of the way from her bra and tight jeans. She did like the way they made her butt look but they were so itchy and that lacy thong she had talked herself into buying? It still felt like walking around with an eternal wedgy. Her hands traveled down his sides, nails raking lightly at his shirt before she grasped his hem as well. She looked down at him with an expectant look as if to say "okay, you have to shed yours too" before she tugged his shirt up and over his head. Seeing his chiseled torso did wonders for her, her eyse taking in his every inch as her hands followed suit. She wasn't shy at all about touching him, only curious, her fingers making slow trails across his abs and then across his chest. She marveled at him, her thumb flicking across his nipple as she bit her lip. "Your chest isn't as big as mine. Is that a human thing?" She couldn't help but ask. She felt her pulse quicken with his kisses, her hands moving up as one stroked up the back of his neck and into his hair, tangling in it as she gripped and pulled a little.

As his head tilted up, she let her other hand trail along his bottom jaw, marveling at the stubble there before she leaned in slowly, trying to read his expression before she let her lips land on his. At first the kiss was soft, experimental almost. And then as her body started to heat up, it deepened with an instinctive hunger that she felt certain she had to sate, no matter what.


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