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He was lost in the moment, relishing the feel of Malia beneath him. However, her question about what exactly was pressing against her thigh had him chuckling lightly despite the trail of his kisses. He paused only a brief moment to look up at her. “You’re correct.” She had already connected the dots, but he only reaffirmed that her thought process was in deed correct. While Henry wasn’t not the most well-hung man out there, he liked to consider himself average if not an inch or two longer.

However, even as her questions continued, he simply decided that he would not answer them any longer. Instead, he would simply show her what her body was capable of doing. It was far more fun and it didn’t distract him from what he was trying to do. She wanted to know how pleasurable mating could be for humans…so damnit, he was going to show her just that.

He knew his methods were working based on the way her body pressed against him, the way her nails dug along his skin, and the simple way in which her breath caught in her throat. She was slowly learning just how fun being intimate with one another could be. And just when his lips pressed against her heat, the way in which she gripped the sheets and the way she called out to him made him chuckle against her skin, the vibration no doubt making the sensation that much more torturous.

He continued his ministrations, letting his fingers aid his lips, slipping first with one and then a second. He pleasured her both externally and internally, driving her higher until she finally crashed around him. He wanted her to experience orgasm. He wanted her to feel what it was like to finally give in to the sensations. And only when she finally did, did he slowly remove himself from her center. He kissed her deeply as she lay satisfied back on the bed. As he stood, he pushed his jeans and boxers to the floor before he moved to sit on the bed beside her. Eyes looked down at her as he smiled. “Would you believe me if I said there was more?” He hadn’t even showed her how pleasurable the actual act of mating was. He had only shown her foreplay…and even only a glimpse of foreplay at that.


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