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At least he didn't seem annoyed by all the talking. He only chuckled at her questions about what was touching her, telling her that it was indeed exactly what she thought it was. Her brows arched up, only more impatient to see it now more than ever. She had nothing to compare it to, nothing human anyway. It's not like coyotes compared penises. They just had to get the job done. She didn't even know comparing was a thing. She feared that his patience was running out with her as he continued to stay quiet. She tried to do the same, just wanting to focus on everything he was making her feel. She wanted to embrace this part of being human, to really know what it felt like. Was this fun? Hell yeah, it was fun. His lips were pure torture on her skin. She felt hot and uncomfortable and oh so achy, but she didn't know exactly how to satisfy that ache. She just knew it had to do with him. When he kissed her down there, she lost all control. She was frozen and yet she couldn't hold still. She wanted...she didn't know what the hell she wanted but it was mounting and she didn't know how to stop it. She didn't even know if she wanted to stop it.

Then he chuckled and the vibration made her gasp anew, squirming that much more beneath him. She felt like she couldn't breathe but that was overrated, right? As his fingers joined the mix, she really didn't know what to do. She was puzzled but she didn't have a clear enough mind to think on it for long because then they were inside her and oh damn, that felt GOOD. She felt herself mounting, like a climber reaching the top of the mountain. Her gasps turned to moans that couldn't stop, her very body alive in a new way as she focused on nothing but him. And then she crashed, her body pulsing around him as she screamed his name over and over again, her panting ragged and satisfied as she came down from that high with a new love of life in her eyes. Was that really what humans experience? No wonder they want someone every night! She felt herself understanding more. She stared up at the ceiling, not sure what to do from here. She just felt so utterly relaxed. And then he was over her and she smiled up at him. She had to fight the urge to say thank you since she wasn't sure that was appropriate. Do women usually thank someone for making them feel like that?

He kissed her and she returned it, a sweeter slower kiss this time. "That...was amazing." She breathed out between panting breaths. Her adrenaline was still racing and as she heard movement in front of her, she slowly leaned up, just in time to watch his pants and underwear hit the floor. Her eyes widened at the sight that beheld them, swallowing a little nervously as she took him, all of him. So...this was what it looked like. Nothing like a coyote's. She suddenly felt small. Like how did that fit? His fingers seemed to barely fit. They were like just snug enough. He moved to sit beside her and she looked up at him, her gaze filled with curiosity and a little more hesitation this time but she'd be damned if she stopped now. Besides, shouldn't there be something in it for him besides just work? She wanted him to feel like she did. At his question, she smirked a little, her eyes lighting up. "Show me." Her gaze filled with hunger again, a hunger for learning, for the full human experience of this. It's not like she expected to be a pro all in one night or anything but she wanted him to get pleasure out of it too.


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