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He was glad that she had found some pleasure. The way her body relaxed against the bed, the sweet words that left her lips, all were testament to the fact that she enjoyed what he had done to her. He was glad she was enjoying herself. After all, he would hate to introduce her to sex and for her not to enjoy it. After all, the point was for her to enjoy herself.

He could sense the hesitation in her actions just as soon as her eyes landed on his naked body. She took in his naked form, his size, and everything about him. It seemed to make her nervous and Henry knew that she was silently trying to gauge just how they fit together. He chuckled lightly as he leaned over to kiss her deeply. “I promise, it fits…and it feels good too.” He hoped that his words would offer her some comfort. After all, he hadn’t steered her wrong yet…at least he didn’t think he had.

Finally, she gave him the go ahead to continue, to show her just what they could experience. He smiled. “Get on your hands and knees.” He knew she connected to her coyote half and she was always comparing the two. Perhaps he should show her that he could take her just like male coyotes. Granted, there were other positions they could try, other things to show her. But at least he would give her an introduction.

Only when she had done as he asked did he move behind her, his desire pressing firmly against her thigh. For a brief moment, he wondered if she would still have a traditional virginity. He got a little nervous, not wanting to hurt her. “When a human gets mounted for the first time…it can be a little painful…but it goes away.” He wasn’t sure what he would find but he wanted her to be prepared. Perhaps her physical activity or the shifting would take away that specific part of her anatomy.

He took a deep breath as he gripped himself between their bodies, guiding him towards her. He entered her slowly, allowing her time to not only get a feel for him, but to stretch her just in case she still had a hymen. After fully entering her, he could not help but groan as just how tight she was. Since Sterling, it had been a long time since he had taken a woman. In fact, it had been a long time since he’d had sex at all. He was still a moment as he tried not to get himself too worked up. After a brief moment, he began to move within her. He was slow at first, allowing her to get used to the sensation before he began to increase his pace. Knowing that he would not last much longer (because good god it had been too long since he had last been with someone), he moved his hand between their bodies to flick over her center again. He wanted her to orgasm again. He knew it would certainly be his undoing.

With each thrust, his pace became quicker, almost more frantic. Only after she had climaxed again did he finally feel as though he could finally let himself go. In a swift motion, he pulled himself form her, using his hand to finish himself off on her back. And when he had come down from his own orgasm, he collapsed on the bed, his eyes feeling heavy. But they looked over at her with a cheeky smile. “So? What do you think?” He hoped it was a pleasant experience. “You can do this in just about any position imaginable.” He paused a moment. “…and what I did with my mouth…you can do that to a man too.” One day she would be introduced to blow jobs and every man would love her.


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