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Her eyes lit up when he admitted that she was the one making his member grow firmer and hard. He said it didn't happen all the time, chalking it up to him being with someone attractive and them touching it. She smirked, somehow proud of the fact that she had that power. She didn't even think about the fact that she was still naked. She had always been more comfortable in her nude form. If Frost wasn't always getting onto her about putting clothes on in the house, she would always be naked. He said there was some kind of law against it or something, that she could actually wind up behind bars for being naked. She didn't think that was fair by an standard but she wasn't about to risk getting put in a cage just because clothes were scratchy and unnatural to her. So she'd given in and just decided to wear them, but made sure to get the kind she liked. But being here with Henry, she could walk around naked the whole time and not feel self conscious about it. She was more comfortable this way.

As he explained the sensitive areas, she didn't stop touching them and as he leaned forward to grab her hand, she was sure he was about to take her hand away and tell her she couldn't touch it anymore. But instead he surprised her by showing her how to grip it more firmly and pump it up and down. Seeing how his member responded to even the slightest touch like that, she kept doing it when he let go, twisting her hand as he had showed her. She looked at him, a brow arching when she saw the way he was biting his lip as if to hold back a groan. She liked the look of pleasure there, of knowing she could do that for him, so she continued. He told her she was a natural and her face practically glowed. She liked being told she was good at something, even this. When he mentioned wet stuff, her nose wrinkled a little but she continued stroking him as he had showed her. "As long as it's not in me." She tried to get him good and firm, waiting till he wasn't paying attention then she narrowed her eyes all sly and leaned forward, taking him in her mouth as he had told her. At first she held it there, testing the feel and taste of his skin in her mouth. Finding that it wasn't bad, she tried sucking on it like he had said, her hand still pumping cause she knew that gave him pleasure already.

She remembered he said something about licking so she flicked her tongue out and around it, stroking it as her hand did to see if he liked that. She knew she'd be able to tell by his breathing and his heartrate. Plus his member seemed to have a voice of its own when it was aroused. She was liking this whole mating thing, at least the human side.


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