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He seemed amused that she would call the name weird but it just wouldn't be what she would think to call that area at any point, not that she'd ever think to call it anything, really. She shrugged off the comment. "Name, schmame." She gave him a playful smirk. She stretched out beside him on the bed, noticing just how relaxed he seemed to be. Much less uptight. He admitted that he was indeed much more relaxed and she grinned, practically beaming like a kid bringing home a report card with all A's. "Good." She said proudly. But it wasn't but seconds later and he seemed thoughtful again, his eyes getting that distant look in them like he was thinking of something painful. She sobered up, her brows furrowing in concern but she bit her tongue, something extremely rare for her. She was really trying this whole stay out of other people's business thing. She didn't want to fight, especially with Henry. She didn't like it the last time she yelled at him and stormed out. She didn't want a repeat of that.

After a few minutes more, he sat up and started grabbing for clothes. As he threw her clothes toward her, she scowled and eyed them, putting on a pouty face. "Do I have to? This is so much more comfortable." Her voice was almost whiny as she spread out on the bed again, making her eyes as sad as possible. She couldn't help but smirk at his comment about naked people distracting him though. Then her brows furrowed and she scowled. "All naked people? I think some of the people I've seen would just make me feel a little queasy if I saw them without clothing."


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