you can spend it feeding me cause i'm hungry67.143.208.169Posted On November 26, 2017 at 7:33 AM by Malia Tate

Just when she thought they were getting more relaxed around each other, Henry had to go back to acting all uptight and now he seemed almost rushed about putting his clothes back on like it never happened. She was trying not to let it hurt her feelings though she had her pride. Maybe he just really liked having clothes on. Or he was cold. But she knew those were lies. He had that look of someone feeling guilty, like he already regretted what happened. But she didn't. She was glad it had been Henry. He was one of the few she trusted. He had taken care of her when no one else would have. She felt she owed him in a way so if this was the only chance she would get to show him some appreciation then she could only hope she did it right. He told her she needed to get clothes on and she pouted but he was back to being serious, telling her she would need clothes to go home. "So you're tossing me out now?" She asked, her brow giving an arch of curiosity.

He seemed to find her answer about naked people in general amusing, chuckling before saying that she distracted him because she turned him on. She smirked, her ego satisfied before she slowly moved to grab her clothes. "Fine, but only cause you were nice about it." She shimmied back into her thong and pants before sliding on her bra and shirt. Then she sat on the bed with a heavy sigh. He walked over and started eating the fries that were left and she wrinkled up her nose. "Those are cold. I can smell the frost from here. Want some real food? I'm starving."

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