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That look of guilt near immediately crossed his features at that inquiry of how much money that gypsy woman had near coerced from him for that orbiting planetarium. The device was hardly useful in any sense. In Harley's words, it was complete and utter shit. He paused, inclined to poke at it just enough to watch the little models of the planets spin at that gentle push. "It was….kind of a lot? She literally kept following me through the market…I kind of just wanted her to go away." The near cripple was already drowning in his own self-pity. He hardly needed some woman ragging on him in his ear as she followed his hobbling steps. Paying that hundred dollars, though he had no job presently and was living off savings, almost seemed worth it just for the silence. She seemed wholly eager all the same, he doubted that the price of the object really mattered so much as the chance to verbally spar with some woman who would surely put up a fight. It definitely was a challenge meant for Harley to take on and not him. A weak smile crossed his features at that threat that left her lips and slightly his head shook, "Harley, I don't think she could ever be prepared for you." He admitted and yet, it was far more teasing and good natured then anything else.

Sterling was almost surprised, truly, by that altogether rare hint of vulnerability within her voice as she inquired to weather or not he intended to stay. A small shrug crossed his shoulders, his answer certainly not as reassuring as it probably should have been and yet, he hardly expected that near insightful comment that left her lips. Sterling couldn't say she was wrong. Sometimes, anywhere was better then here...and yet, he was rather certain that where he was hardly mattered. It wouldn't change what had happened to him. It wouldn't change that Henry had left him or that he was attempting to come to terms with those scars that now would eternally be set into his skin. Another small shrug crossed his shoulders and yet, this time, Harley seemed willing to take this one as a sort of confirmation. In truth, she had a way of startling him with those comments. It was silly really, but when everyone else in the world had left him, it meant far more to the man than she likely understood to know that someone wanted to be stuck with him. "Yeah, I guess I am." He answered, those simper words prompting the first almost genuine grin upon his features - at least, until that canine so distracted him.

His fingers were held out for the canine, allowing him to sniff his hand before that tail began to wag with clear remembrance of who he was. It was with a small simper upon his lips that his hand lightly shifted to pet Ace. The dog had certainly aged since he had last seen it and yet, he quite liked the creature all the same. Even so, his touch hardly lingered before he lead the pair further into that apartment, moving with care between using those pieces of furniture to support the weight of his injured leg. It would take time for it to get better, his rehabilitation therapist had told him as much while forcing him to do exercises he altogether abhorred. He was entirely self conscious of it and yet, Sterling was almost grateful that the state of his apartment was far more astonishing than the man's gait. That comment caused his gaze to shift around that plant life that had taken over the walls and pillars of the flat, their simple presence prompted him to admit the truth. In all of his despair, somehow, Sterling had found a new power buried deep within him. Thankfully, Harley seemed to take the whole affair far better than Henry ever had.

That mention of what he was, however, only seemed to prompt her agreement that it was only as long as he didn't use her for a sacrifice. It sounded like she'd had a particularly rough time with the supernaturals here and yet, a small frown crossed his own lips at the consideration of it. "I kinda feel the same way, really." He admitted, even with his fire capabilities, the man was entirely soft-hearted, unable to use those powers upon those who wished him harm. It was the mention of that fire, however, that so prompted a small display of those abilities. That glee that so alite her features was entirely unexpected, and yet, that inevitable inquiry had a way of so squashing his joy at the memory of that which he was trying to forget. A soft sigh left his lips as they pressed together in a small frown. "I got attacked by a were." He stated after a moment's consideration, unsure if he really was ready to admit that said were had been his own boyfriend. Thankfully, she seemed entirely willing to devote herself to something they might be capable of doing here within his own home. He watched as she considered that challenge, only to propose that he made a potion.

"I...um….I've never made a potion before....I mean...I have heard of like...food that can make people feel better. Just like chicken noodle soup helps you when you're sick? The Indians believed in a panacea from tree sap, the chinese thought peaches could make you immortal...I'm sure we could make him….something with all of this…" Really, the more he thought about it, the more plausible it seemed. Fruit had been known to have all sorts of effects throughout the ancient times. Surely they could come up with something. "I...don't really know where to start." He admitted, reaching up to run his hand through his hair. It wasn't as if he tried to make magical food on a daily basis.



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