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With her wrapped in his arms securely, he felt invincible. Others of his kind might see love as a weakness but he only felt untold power when he held Isolt close. She was his talisman, his lucky charm. He would do anything in his power to keep her safe and happy. He could go on living as long as he kept seeing those smiles of hers. He handed her the gifts and his lips melted into hers in that kiss of gratitude. He noted that she pulled away and in that instant, he knew they weren't alone. His brow arched and he gave her a look of curiosity even as he heard the very human beat of a heart within her home. He let her lead him into the other room where he was finally able to lay eyes on the best friend who had abandoned Isolt in her time of need. It seemed the two had made up so he would let bygones by bygones, at least for now. As it were, if it were not for the current circumstances, Isolt might not have been turned and he might not have been able to get as close to her as he did. He wouldn't be where he is now, the happiest vampire in Sacrosanct engaged to the most beautiful girl he knew.

He held the chair for both girls, smiling warmly as Isolt sat down and he helped push her chair in before he took a seat himself. He glanced over the photographs as she gathered them up, giving her a wry smirk, his eyes twinkling. "Ah, I bet they've got some good stories to tell." He could hardly imagine showing them his journels, all 165 or so of them. That would be some stories, for sure. He looked over as Isolt pulled one out of the pile, showing off her as a child and missing a tooth, to boot. He chuckled softly at the picture. "Not one for projectile sports, got it. I'll make sure to take basketball off the menu for the reception." He smirked teasingly. He could tell the minute Harley stood from her chair like a cat puffing itself up before a fight that she was trying to show confidence in front of him. He knew well how he could take all the energy in a room just by walking in. Hell, he'd even gotten it as a power like a bonus or something.

He was really trying not to be an outright asshole to the girl he knew Isolt held great affections for but damn, she was already making it hard with her sarcastic comments and judgy eyes. So damn judgy. He'd never liked those looks, even as a kid. She was already daring him with a glare that could probably make other humans wither but only made his own sparkle with mischief. One brow arched and he even gave her a knowing smirk. "Oh, I bet you do." He replied in kind, giving Isolt's hand a reassuring squeeze all the same. She sure had a lot of jokes too, saying they had trouble getting in the mood. His lips only quirked more. She mentioned books and he pretended to be thoughtful. "Books...yeah, they tend to get boring. Not enough pictures, I guess." He played into it. She was already teasing him, hell, he might as well hand out the simple minded man trick too. "But gifts? I didn't have to read that in a book. I just like spoiling my girl. Newlyweds or not, everyone likes to be reminded they're worth being showered with gifts." He glanced at Isolt, giving her a soft smile before glancing back at Harley.

"Or did your ex'es not read either? I thought I was sensing some jealousy..." His voice trailed off, the corner of his lip twitching wickedly. He could play the game of silvertongues all night if she wanted. He had just as much fun with it as any other. After all, he had lived in the time when you didn't just hand out punches when you didn't like someone. You fought back with closed lips and fake smiles. You talked with your eyes when you had to and you insulted someone with words that made their heads spin....and a smile on your face. She was speaking his language with this battle. He could sense a small victory when he said that they had to get to know each other, holding out the chair for her and he thought he saw a little hesitation in her before she moved to take it. Perhaps it was just the lighting or maybe he'd already done something unexpected. He already knew he was like none of the other guys Harley must have met in Isolt's more innocent years. He didn't even have to try. He heard her mutter and he grinned, leaning in even as he pushed her chair in gently. "Neither do I."

Smirking as he even dared to giving her a playful wink, he moved to take his own seat, relaxing back in it as he glanced between the two women expectantly. He listened as Harley recounted the memory that Isolt had brought up, his head tilting with curiosity. His smile warmed at the thought of Isolt human and innocent playing games with her human friends. They spoke of others. He knew Isolt's brother was Aaron and could only assume Adrien was someone close as well, since he noted the instant look of nostalgia and possibly loss in Harley's gaze right after she laughed. His brows knitted together momentarily in curiosity but he was quick to compose himself and just look interested again. Looks like they shared more than just a childhood together. But then Harley fixed her stare on him and he met her gaze evenly, that brow arching up again with expectation as she said they had changes to make. She wanted to know about him. Well this was going to get confusing quick since Isolt didn't want him to let Harley know what they were and yet did she want him to lie about who he was?

They hadn't prepared for this. Of course, Isolt probably wasn't expecting to see Harley again. He glanced at Isolt momentarily, his look catching her gaze in an angle that Harley wouldn't see before he looked back at his interrogator. The look warned her plainly that she'd better let him know how to handle this in a way that wouldn't get him put in the doghouse later or he wouldn't be responsible for the consequences. Then he tilted his head and leaned back in his chair, offering Harley a smirk. "I'm an open book. What do you want to know?"


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