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They made it as far as the hallway before she dropped his hand to close the door before turning to grasp him and kiss him once more. He met her lips hungrily, his hands finding her shapely ass to pull her closer to him still. As her lips moved down his neck once more, his groan deepened and he arched his neck back, closing his eyes to savor the sensation of her touch. He knew she was concentrating on his veins and whereas he might have gotten paranoid about it before, now he only felt a raw anticipation of what was to come. It was like a high to him now and he knew it was because he'd dropped the thought of it being about being used. To other vampires, maybe, it was a thing you do with bloodbags, a necessary sacrifice to live, even torture meant to belittle humans and make them feel inferior. But for them, it meant something different. He chose to let her bite him. He trusted her completely and knew that she would never hurt him. For them, it was a deeper connection to each other than even their bodies couldn't satsify.

She didn't bite just yet, kissing still lower to his shoulders and he felt his body shudder with pleasure. She found his lips again and he cradled the back of her head with one hand, folding the other protectively around her waist even as she rested her forehead on his for a moment. His brows knitted at her comment about the baby, thoughtful for a moment before he smiled. "I'll love him, no matter what. Or her. The baby's a part of you and that's all that matters. As for cravings...he's still too young to know what's he's missing. The real prize is the owner of that womb he's so fond of. Now that's a craving I know all about." He smirked teasingly before kissing her again, deep and slow, savoring everything about the taste of her lips and the feel of her soft skin beneath his hands. Her words made his eyes darken with desire as she pulled him to her. His breath was already hitched in rhythm with her own as she started on his pants. He found her own pants, sliding them down easily along with her panties as he tugged her shirt desperately over her head.

He kissed every part of her that he could find while undoing her bra, wanting to set every part of her free. She was beautiful and magnificent. She glowed beneath his touch as he even leaned down to press a loving kiss against her stomach before returning to the lushness of her lips. His hands roamed her like he was reading a map, teasing and molding every inch before he firmly grasped her ass and lifted her up, letting her wrap her legs around him as he thrust himself into her hungrily. His lips continued to caress her neck and shoulders, every thrust hard and yet needy all at the same time. He whispered raspily. "As I'll always need you."


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