just a fool in love67.143.208.53Posted On November 06, 2017 at 7:03 PM by Troy Marks

It didn't take long to remove all the clothing holding them back from each other so he could go back to touching and kissing her anywhere he wanted to. He knew she was feeling more self conscious about her body lately but he thought she couldn't look sexier. She was glowing, her skin alive with a new light and when he ran a hand over her stomach, it would respond to his touch with an animation that never lost its wonder. She still could be lifted with enough ease as he pressed her agains the wall, thrusting himself into her as he kissed all down her jawline and neck, indulging himself in her. Her groans over drove him faster, wanting her to feel everything he felt for her with every movement. Her fingers tangled in his hair and he grunted as he pushed harder, feeling his body climbing with every thrust. He could tell she was getting close too and he kept driving, his arms shaking but he didn't care. The moment her fangs found his flesh, he groaned with pleasure and closed his eyes, the sensations driving everything home as he went over that edge with her.

Her tongue caressing the fresh wound only excited him more, driving into her a few more times in quick succession as he let out a soft moan and slowly lowered her back to the ground. He went down with her, wanting to sink right into that floor now as his body slowly came down from that high he'd been climbing. He felt an immense satisfaction every time he got to share these moments with her. Any moments spent with Amelia only made him feel more alive. As she kissed him, he cradled her head gently, groaning again as she nipped at his lips. He smirked as he pulled back. "Careful, love, or you'll start round two." At her words, his lips tugged into a smile, his eyes twinkling as he leaned in to kiss her forehead. "And I love you, Amelia, with every fiber in my being."

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