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Henry wanted Sterling’s touch with every ounce of his being. Even his body spoke of his desire for the man who rested so close to him. And yet, despite how much he desired his lover…he was afraid to take that step. He was afraid of hurting Sterling more than he already had. He wasn’t sure what to feel. He was conflicted and he had to wonder if Sterling felt something similar.

Even as he stilled Sterling’s hands form continuing, he could still feel the way his lover’s fingers teased him. His body responded, loving to speak in that language he knew so well. But he wasn’t sure he was ready. He wasn’t sure he was ready to take that next step with Sterling.

At his words, he looked up at the ceiling, as if calling on some higher power to give him the strength he needed to resist the one person he loved more than anything. “I….” He paused as he tried to find the words he wanted to speak. His desire was certainly stealing blood from his head and sending it to parts of him that he wished he could turn off in this moment. “I don’t trust myself.” It may not be a full moon, but he still wasn’t sure if he could control his shifts. So far Tetradore had to pull his shifts from him, but whose to say he figured it out on his own at just the wrong time?

He slowly pulled Sterling’s hand from him, unable to bear the simple touch any longer. It was causing his judgement to be clouded and he wasn’t sure that he would be able to think consciously if he continued much more. “Now is not the time…” He knew that Sterling was not as physical or sensual as he was. But in this moment, he was trying to do things Sterling’s way. He was trying, after all.


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