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Henry wanted this. He wanted to love Sterling in a more physical sense since the moment his memories had returned. Their relationship had begun again with an actual foundation other than sex. It had been a beautiful relationship. And on their anniversary night, Henry had wanted to share his love for Sterling by giving everything to him – his heart, his mind, his soul, and his body. But something bad had happened and it had taken them both by surprise. Now, no matter how much he wanted to show Sterling how much he loved him…he was so very scared that something might ruin that moment again. If Henry had to be honest with himself, he would rather love Sterling for eternity and never get physical with him…than to give him his body and risk him dying again. He couldn’t do it.

But when Sterling apologized, his heart ached. He did not want Sterling to feel ashamed for what he was doing. Why should he? They loved each other and they wanted this. If anyone should be sorry, it should be Henry. He was the one who was stopping them from doing what they both wanted…intimacy. “Don’t ever say you’re sorry for that…” His voice trailed off for a moment before he used his finger to raise Sterling’s gaze to his own. “I want nothing more than to show you just how much I love you. I want to feel your touch…your body next to mine…but I…” He looked away as he tried to figure out how to voice his fears. These were his fears…his insecurities. “…I don’t want to risk losing control. I can’t hurt you again.” He wanted to fuck Sterling – more than anything. But damnit, he would never forgive himself if he killed Sterling in the process.

When Sterling asked if he was going to stay the night, he nodded his head. Tet and the others would be fine if he didn’t show up for a night. It wasn’t uncommon for him to be seen out drinking until nearly dawn anyway. “I’ll stay.” He hoped his words were comforting. He hoped they offered Sterling hope that they could repair what had been damaged.


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