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Henry was scared. He was scared to lose himself and terrified that he might lose Sterling completely. Neither of which sounded altogether pleasant to him. He wanted to maintain his relationship with Sterling. He wanted to be intimate with him and yet, he was worried that something horrible might actually happen like it did the last time they had been intimate with one another.

He listened to Sterling’s suggestions of how to fix the problem and he sighed softly. Sterling was right. They could certainly tie him up with handcuffs and chains. Maybe then he would be unable to hurt Sterling. “You have to promise to tie me to something sturdy…” He wasn’t refusing Sterling. In fact, he was telling the man that he would allow the intimate touch to continue so long as he was tied to something sturdy. Unbeknownst to Henry, it wouldn’t matter if he was tied or not – he would be unable to love Sterling in the physical sense tonight.

Slowly, Henry pulled away from Sterling, moving to sit upright in the bed. With his eyes still locked on Sterling, he gripped the hem of his shirt and slowly began to draw it over his head. Tossing the fabric on the floor, he adjusted the lighting in the room to a soft glow, using his ability to set the tone by his thought only.

Once his top layer had been shed, he moved to lean over Sterling, resting his hands on either side of him as his lips bent down to capture Sterling’s in an kiss that spoke of just how much Henry missed the man. Slowly, he eased himself to straddle the other man, moving his kisses to trail down the man’s jaw and suckle on the skin along the curve of his neck. He could feel his desire building now that he was going to try to give Sterling every part of him…even if it meant risking turning again.


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