you keep me wrapped right round your finger50.125.73.18Posted On October 30, 2017 at 11:42 PM by STERLING

That soft sigh that left Henry's lips only served to make Sterling all the more uncertain of that suggestion he had offered his lover. It was no secret that this was out of his realm and yet, he had so desperately designed his boyfriend. Somehow, if they were capable of coming together in that intimate act, maybe everything else would be fixed? Maybe everything else would be okay. It was a childish point of view and he knew it and yet….at least Henry seemed to be considering it...he supposed. Maybe he was being too persistent? He almost didn't expect those words Heny offered him and yet, he readily latched onto that idea that Henry was willing to try. His head bobbed quite firmly. "I promise." He offered with a clear hint of solumnness. That alone seemed enough to prompt Henry into action, the man slowly pulling away from him and yet, for once, Sterling was willing to release his lover, especially with the knowledge of what was to come. Once upon a time, he had made the decision to 'save' himself, so to speak, till he was ready to truly become Henry's significant other. Although that incident upon the boat denied him the chance to give himself entirely to his boyfriend, Sterling had ever intention of doing so now.

The boy's bright blue eyes followed his boyfriend as Henry rose, gripping that hem of his shirt to pull it off and over his head. The warlock's attention drifted but momentarily from his lover as the lights suddenly begin to dim overhead. His eyebrows rose ever so slightly at yet, Sterling said nothing of it, the man entirely distracted by the sudden weight of Henry straddling his figure. His lips eagerly met his boyfriend's own, his fingers entangled within Henry's hair as he pressed his own emotions into that soft, sweet kiss. It was far too fleeting for his preference, truly, and yet, to have Henry's attention upon him alone was entirely worth it. He allowed Henry to pull away, the man entirely aware of that soft sensation of Henry's lips against his skin. He could feel that growing bulge in his lover's pants and slowly, his hips raised to press against that groin that straddled him in the best way he could. He wanted to coax that fire of desire within the man, even if he hardly considered just what Henry was going to find beneath the layers of his own clothes.



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