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if these wings could fly for the rest of our lives
The young woman could hardly help the fashion at which her features near beamed at the sight of Arlo with that guitar. His assurance that he was surely capable of playing some of those songs he wished to show her with that musical instrument only managed to delight her even further than she already was. After all, Abigail was entirely certain Arlo was like…...a GOD with that thing, even if she had never quite heard him play it before. She had only heard like...one song from him on that piano and even that was like super amazing so if he was better on the guitar she could only begin to imagine what it must sound like! "I bet you're super awesome at it." She commented with a note of near envy in her voice. Abigail had no musical tendencies whatsoever. Music was a rather limited thing in her life. Her parents would play old records sometimes and dance around their warm little house and sometimes she'd sit outside the only hotel and listen to the lounge music they'd play inside for the few tourists they had. She had liked that. It had been nice and calming and really great for doing her homework! She bet Arlo knew like...the best music though. He probably wrote the best music too!

That inquiry of her plans tonight, however, interrupted that train of thought. Her cheeks turned a soft shade of pink as she admitted of what her intentions had been and yet, he seemed to willingly accept it well enough, so much as inviting her back to his place. It was an invitation that Abigail quite willingly accepted, the girl falling into place beside him with a hop to her step as that topic of a wedding took over her imagination. She could only imagine what weddings over here were like, much less a royal wedding. She bet it was like...super duper ultra glamorous. There was probably like….fancy swirly stuff like everywhere. The walls, the cake, the napkins, like everything would probably be like way prettier than anything she'd ever seen before in like her whole entire life. In fact, the whole thing sounded so fanciful that she almost found herself doubted this truly was going to happen. She was moments away, truly, from getting lost within this whole idea of pretty weddings before a singular fact of what their night was supposed to consist of so blatantly demanded her attention.

Abigail watched as that lightbulb quite suddenly went off within her friend's eyes, the man quite clearly connecting the dots as she insisted she was okay with next next time being store time. She had considered, truly, what else she might possibly want and yet, Abigail had never been terribly materialistic to begin with. Food brought people together! It was great and super yummy! Even so, she was willing to admit to Arlo alone that she found that grocery store a tad bit intimidating, particularly considering just how busy it was and all those things that she hadn't ever tried within that store! For the past year she'd stuck to those small fruit and food stands and equally as tiny butcher shops. They had at least been manageable. She'd never actually tried to go into that giant store. Thankfully, he seemed willing enough to agree to go with her in several days, the girl quite near ecstatic in return as she dancined on her toes, turning to face him. That grin upon her features, however, faltered ever so slightly as Arlo quickly attempted to correct himself that Thursday definitely was not a date date. Oh. Well, that is, Abigail knew it wasn't like….a date date. After all, it'd be a really bad one of those, not that she'd ever had one like in those movies to begin with. Still, it almost...hurt, the way he seemed so quick to insist they weren't going on any kind of date date. Abigail knew he was like...a god but...she wasn't all that bad right? WAIT. NO. She wasn't supposed to fret over such silly things. I mean, he had already been too busy daydreaming about those ice skaters. Those were the kind girls he liked. No, they were friends and it was her job to be like...supportive and stuff. It was just...she'd never quite had a best friend like him before. Maybe that was why she was so touchy about keeping him for herself or something.

Her hazel eyes shifted back towards him as he seemed incredibly keen to let that conversation turn back towards that wedding they were invited too. That small smile returned to her features as the girl fell back into step with him, having little issue with letting that near mishap simply be forgotten altogether. Rather, she found herself questioning of Arlo was absolutely really sure that they really were invited to a royal wedding and not just that Mr. Chocolate man had been making things up, or worse, that Arlo was just like….imagining it. After all, a royal wedding seemed like...a huge thing! Arlo's promise that not only was the man totally real but that they had wikipedia pages made her eyebrows raise ever so slightly. She was already attempting to fish that phone from her pocket before Arlo's was thrust in her direction. Carefully, she took it from him, scrolling briefly through that page before switching to that image search, her fingers flicking across that screen with a certain measure of confidence as she eyed the nearly hundreds of photos of those two men. "They're such a cute couple." She announced after a moment, that grin upon her features as she continued to eye those photos, even as Arlo continued on of what he was expected to wear to such an affair. She could hardly help that girlish giggle on her lips at Arlo's sudden inquiry as to whether or not he could google how to put a tuxedo on. "I'll help you, silly goose." She commented, that warm grin back upon her features as she glanced up from that device to hand it back to the vampire.

She certainly hadn't anticipated that the mention of tuxedo's would make his thoughts venture down such an avenue she certainly hadn't dwelled on, at least, until he mentioned it. Her cheeks near immediately turned a bright shade of red at the implication of those more...intimate parts of her friend, that single syllable leaving her lips in one long drawn out sound as if her poor little brain had simply imploded at the sheer imagery of it all. Hell even just the thought of Arlo shirtless was enough to send her blushing, much less….well...all the rest of him. It probably took her longer then necessary to think of anything to say before those words were simply blurted out, those hazel eyes turning quite abruptly to somewhere else, anywhere else. Hi wall. Aren't you a nice wall. Oh look, door! Apartment door. Yup. This was um..far better than ARLO LAUGHING AT HER. God. This was awful. This was why being a panda was far better, she could just hide in his hood until she could run out his window and run away in her embarrassment. Now she all had to like….stand here, or something while he fiddled with the front door. She was almost relieved when he opened that door only to reveal a brand new piece of furniture. Well that wasn't here last week! The girl effortlessly skipped towards that sofa, flopping upon it only to bounce slightly on that taunt surface, clearly testing it out.

Her head bobbed slightly at Arlo's admittance that he had to get a house just for that lil sofa, that grin once again present on her feminine features. "It's called a condo! The apartments you can own. I think the east has those ones….I walk past all the rowhouses and stuff all the time." She'd eyed them with envy on her way to her college classes, though really her own little home was certainly nice and quaint too. Really, it wasn't as if Abigail had much to complain about to begin with. It was that mention of that cactus, however, that prompted the young woman to move. She quite near bounced up from that sofa, moving with ease towards that table. "Hi, little cactus! How are you doing today, hm?" She inquired, leaning over that table to talk to the little plant. Her finger reached out to gingerly brush against those curious pointed leaves, her touch entirely careful and yet, this cactus was certainly far different than any other cactus she'd ever seen. Those plants were eternally fascinating for her and, like each time she visited, she was entirely delighted to check on her little plant.

It was that question of that guitar, however, that prompted her gaze to raise from her plant, the girl turning easily back towards her companion. "Oh, I got it from the Guitar Center in the South. It's um...in this little shopping center near my home…." Her voice trailed off as Arlo continued to talk of those clearly treasured memories that single musical instrument had brought with it. It was kind of nice to watch that excitement upon his features. It was nice hearing the way he spoke of that guitar and slowly she took a step and then another...and another towards him. "Um...I hope you like it." She stated almost shyly, after all, it was a rather unique guitar and quite the most expensive gift she'd ever bought for another person like...EVER.

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