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if these wings could fly for the rest of our lives
Abigail could hardly help that girlish giggle that left her lips at the sheer idea of Arlo as a goose - or, even better, a penguin. She was rather certain he'd be a handsome penguin, and rather handsome within a tuxedo. In fact, she almost couldn't imagine her best friend all cleaned up like that. Not that he wasn't already handsome! After all, he was. And it wasn't like he wasn't clean or anything! He did shower and he smelled kind of nice but….a tuxedo was like whole different level! "We'll have to make sure to get you tails then!" She exclaimed, that ecstaticness quite clear within her feminine voice. She, on the other hand, would have to buy a dress. You didn't go to a royal wedding without a proper dress - right? It'd probably have to be some sort of super formal dress or something wouldn't it? Wait….would it? Hm….she'd have to do some research to find out what was acceptable to wear to a royal wedding. Maybe the ladies at the stores would know? It was a fact she was only just beginning to consider in any great detail when her thought process was entirely derailed by quite the opposite of putting on clothes. Rather, it was the idea of Arlo suddenly taking them off.

The sheer consideration of it was enough to turn her cheeks a near flaming color of red, the woman's mind entirely unable to progress past that point as she quite near stared at him in a blank fashion. It took her several moments and a few attempts before those words came rushed from her lips, entirely assuring the man that she had seen nothing of...well….him...down there….without jeans or….anything else. Gulp. Thankfully, it was in the immediate aftermath of that embarrassment that the pair stepped up to that apartment door, the woman far more willing to test out that new sofa rather than dwell any further on the thought of her best friend without clothes, handsome though he was. She was entirely keen to bounce upon the surface of that sofa, declaring it not only a good purchase but also informing Arlo of the names of those apartments that could be purchased all the same. It was, however, the mention of their cactus that truly caught the bubbly girl's attention, the woman entirely content to move from that couch and lean upon that dining room table before one slender finger teached out to touch the sharpened points of that rather peculiar leaf.

It was the sound of Arlo's voice that drew her gaze upwards and back towards him, the girl flashing him a warm smile. "Don't worry, I won't! Promises!" She reassured him as she carefully toyed with the edge of that leaf before slowly withdrawing her fingers altogether. Truthfully, she'd hardly even considered how much she was toying with her friend at the mere thought of her blood by a pinprick of those sharp needles. In fact, Abigail so often saw Arlo as so much more then a mere vampire that it never crossed her mind at all. Rather, she was certain he was merely concerned for her wellbeing. Just as she was sure that his attempted distraction was really just his interest in that instrument hidden under that case. She edged towards him as he worked on opening that present, her own heart beating faster in that moment if only from her nervousness at presenting that guitar she'd chosen. She watched him put it out, entirely unable to stop herself from biting on her bottom lip as he declared it 'unlike anything he'd ever seen'. That….was a good thing….right? God, she hoped so!

That grin upon his features, however, was wholly reassuring, the young woman unable to help that like smile that spread upon her own face as he gripped that guitar. It was that touch of his fingers against that image on the guitar that caused her to giggle, that near boundless excitement once again flaring to life within her. "It is!" She declared, her head bobbing quite enthusiastically at Arlo's declaration. She quite purposefully left out any indication of just how much it had cost her or how long she had been saving for. After all, her parents had taught her that it was the gift that mattered, not the amount of money that came behind it. Rather, Abigail gleefully clapped her hands together, tucking them under her chin. "I'm glad!" She commented, beaming all the while. It wasn't until he passed that guitar to her that she moved, an entirely inquisitive glimpse upon her features as he disappeared into his bedroom, though for what, she hadn't the slightest idea. Those hazel eyes remained upon the form of her best friend the moment he re-entered that room with items in tow, the woman entirely content to watch in a near mystified manner as he begun to connect those devices into the wall and, in turn, into that guitar.

Abigail settled at his side at that slight gesture, the girl entirely aware of that excitement that seemed to exude from him. Her head bobbed quite firmly at his instructions to cover her ears, that giddiness entirely gave way to a sort of seriousness as she brought her hands over the sides of her face. The young woman had hardly anticipated exactly how loud that guitar was, that chord quite near made her ears widen in awe as his fingers quickly moved down the neck of that guitar, those notes put together in such an entirely amazing fashion. Slowly, her hands pulled away from her ears, her lips parting in awe of it all as Arlo moved effortlessly from one song to the next, most of them entirely unrecognizable to her. What she didn't expect, however, was that sudden pounding on the wall behind her, the young woman almost jumped at that sound, before her gaze quickly darted to her friend in a look that surely had guilt written all over her features. Hell, she'd never heard someone talk like that before either! His voice, however, was quickly drowned out by another strum of that guitar only for Arlo to abandon it altogether.

And then…..before she quite knew it….Abigail found herself in his arms, her hands pressed against the hard planes of his chest with his lips against her cheek. The whole action was so abrupt it caught the girl off guard and yet, this was equally so incredibly natural, to be so close to the man, that her frame relaxed easily into his hug, her cheeks turning that soft shade of pink while that near bubbling laughter fell from her mouth. "Arlo!" She exclaimed before her hands easily slid up around his neck, the woman altogether happy to return his hug. It was only once his lips left her cheek that she pulled away just enough to see him, her hands still knotted around his neck, "If you want, you can play it at my house! I'd have to be a early in the evening though...I think some of my neighbors have kids…." A pensive look crossed her features as she considered this but, at the very least there was space between those homes and not a shared wall. Still, it would be a shame if he couldn't appreciate his gift! He was clearly amazing at it!

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