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if these wings could fly for the rest of our lives
Her little Christmas cactus seemed to be quite content with what little care either of the pair had provided it. Those little leaves were bright green, those flower buds had gotten slightly bigger, in fact, Abigail was quite certain it was well on it's way to blooming just in time for that cheery season! He was absolutely perfect!!! She could hardly help that grin upon her features as her fingers toyed with those sharpened leaves, the woman certain to stick with lightly touching the flat surface rather than those pointy bits that could certainly bring her blood welling to the surface. She was oblivious, truly, to those fretting concerns over her wellbeing, after all, she was fine! Her plant was fine! Arlo was fine! What could be bad about this?! Abigail grasped that leaf, wiggling it ever so slightly in an truly pleased fashion. "I'm glad you're okay, little planty plant." Abigail spoke to it softly, clearly attempting to encourage the little thing before that comment to be careful briefly captured her attention. A single backwards glance was given to her bestest friend, the young woman declaring that she promised she would. And she was! She gave that plant another small stroke upon his leaf before pivoting on her toes, approaching Arlo with a grin bubbling upon her face. After all, he was about to open that present and she wanted to see if he liked it!

The young woman was nothing short of utterly ecstatic to see that awestruck grin that fluttered across Arlo's handsome features at the sight of that rather unique guitar. It was certainly one of a kind! After all, how many guitars featured a hand painted picture of her?! She had, of course, paid extra for such a breathtaking instrument but, in that moment, it all felt entirely worth it. It didn't matter how many weeks she had spent saving up for that object. It didn't matter how much money it had cost or those little treats she had gone without to put towards that 'Arlo forgiveness guitar' fund. All that mattered was that singular look. God, he was -- no! No! She was not supposed to think of her best friend in such a way! He was her best friend, after all and she wasn't going to mess that up with those silly girly thoughts! Rather, Abigail clasped her hands beneath her chin in a wholly delighted fashion, content to watch him as he pulled out that guitar with the clear intent to play it - at least, until it was placed within her own hands. She watched as he dashed into the bedroom, only to return with those cords and amps and begin setting them up in some fashion that hardly made any sense to her. At the very least it certainly seemed exciting!

It was only once Arlo seemed ready that the young woman passed that guitar back to him. She settled at his side at that small gesture, entirely oblivious to the sheer number of girls that had taken up a similar position before her. Her hands settled over her ears, those hazel eyes staring up at him with a hint of caution and yet, if she trusted anyone, it was certainly Arlo. That first note pierced the silence of that apartment in a fashion that made the girl near jump, that sheer volume entirely unexpected and yet, soon enough, that awe replaced any sort of apprehension she had. Those notes were utterly astounding as they flowed so easily into a tune of sorts, one that prompted her to slowly pull her fingers from that protective place within her ears. He was absolutely amazing! How often, truly, did she get to see Arlo like this? He seemed so confident with that guitar, so at ease and look at how quickly his fingers moved to find all of those right notes! Even if it was a bit louder then Abigail usually liked, she was certain it was worth it. Attentively, and quietly, the woman remained at his side, simply watching with her hands in her lap as he played so flawlessly for her. She hardly had a chance to inform him of her thoughts of his rather breathtaking playing, even if she didn't recognize those songs, when a loud thudding against the wall behind them saw the girl quite near jump, that cursing altogether clear even between the plaster and flimsy insulation. He sounded so angry that she almost reflexively ducked her head, her eyes widening ever so slightly.

Fortunately, any further curse words were drowned out by another strum of that guitar, her own hazel eyes shifted towards her friend with a glance that seemed to suggest egging his neighbor on was, perhaps, not the best idea. Still, that grin upon his face was enough to prompt those concerns to near wash away, particularly as those notes died out and that guitar was placed aside. What Abigail didn't expect, however, was to quite suddenly find herself within her best friend's arms! Not that she didn't like it. Rather, she probably liked it a bit too much, evident surely by that warm giggle that fell from her lips at the tickling sensation of his mouth against her cheek in a sweet kiss. Her hands settled behind his neck as she spoke his name, pulling away from him only enough to get a better glimpse of the man. Abigail was well aware of the weight of his hands upon her waist and yet, truly, his touch was hardly abnormal to begin with. After all, she'd been picked up, put down, put on his shoulder, shoved down his jacket and curled up on his chest before. No, this merely felt natural to the young woman, as too did that invitation that fell from her lips.

That look of surprise upon his features brought a warm simper to her own, her head bobbing yet again to reinforce her certainty on this decision. After all, it might be nice to have someone in her home, especially if that someone was her best friend. It was about time, wasn't it? "No, I don't mind, I promises. I live in the South, you know where the Park is right? I live in the little cul-de-sac across from it. I can see it from my front door step!" Thus far, the young woman had been almost scared to take him home. Abigail hadn't truly been prepared for Arlo to figure out the truth, not until now, anyways. That near quizzical glimpse across Arlo's features prompted a whole different spree of questioning, a line that left her with some curious considerations of her own. Her head shook ever so slightly, a small glimpse of fleeting distaste crossed the young girl's lips. "No, I live by myself. Sometimes daddy comes home to visit but he doesn't stay long before he leaves again." She was rather cross about her father's absence in her life though, she could hardly really blame him very much either. It made her awfully lonely sometimes though, which, naturally, made the prospect of Arlo coming to visit whenever he wanted to play all the more exciting. Still, this mention of this new name prompted her to pause. "Who is Mi?" She inquired, her head slightly tilted to the side as her fingers slowly uncurled from the back of his neck only to slide down and settle on his chest. Was Mi his roommate? Or...his girlfriend? Or something? She could be a sister right? Was she being too hopeful?

It was the sound of that newfound nickname from his lips that drew the girl from her thoughts of how she truly felt at her best friend having another girl in his life, much less the possibility of it being a romantic relationship. "Hm?" She inquired, her hazel eyes refocusing upon the man in front of her. There was a certain tone to his voice that Abigail hadn't heard before and yet, the idea that she might be bothered by Arlo was quite near laughable, all the same. Her eyebrows rose ever so slightly. "Afraid of you?" She questioned. "Why would I be afraid of you, Arlo? Just because you need blood to live doesn't make you scary. There's lot of real animals that live off of other animals that are WAY scarier than you! Like those parasites that make zombie ants?! THAT's scary." She nodded quite firmly, entirely certain of this fact. "Besides, Mr. Chocolate man will help and we can find other nice vampires too maybe - right?" She was, it seemed, not only eternally optimistic but also equally as determined to help her friend, even if she knew well that her blood was hardly as yummy. She was probably like icky vegetables whereas they were like some luxurious dessert or something (like chocolate!). "That lady at Christmas time was a little scary though. I mean, I was going to give you my blood with your christmas present but you wanted to oogle at ice skaters." She could hardly help the fashion that she rolled her eyes, only to continue without missing a beat. "But the man in the that tree wasn't scary so...maybe just more tree men and less Christmas ladies? You'll just have to be like spiderman and be like woosh! And make webs." The girl nodded quite solemnly, as if this was clearly the best choice of action. Abigail certainly knew what was best.

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