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Arlo James

See what it's like to be a vulture's lunch

It had been so long since he had played. So long. His fingers brushing over those strings almost lovingly, that muscle memory seeming to trigger within a matter of moments as those first few notes rang out from that pretty damn glorious guitar. The instrument by far one of the nicest he’d ever seen and way better sounding then his old one had maybe ever been. He could almost feel that music through his body, through his feet and into the floor- the neighbours apparently inclined to hear that medals of sound as well with a clear lack of appreciation for that musical fusion and yet Arlo could hardly bring that grin from his features. It had been years now since he’d last played anything, at least, anything on a guitar. He hadn’t picked one up since the day his old band had kicked him out. His vampirism apparently far too much of a risk. His bandmates, his friends, too terrified of him to be near him. Even their manager deeming Arlo a risk to the ‘health and welfare’ of the band and that maybe it was better he moved on to something else. As if they were to scared to even fire him harshly just in case he ripped their heads off. Ha. Maybe they’d been right to do it that way though, through their manager. Maybe he would have ripped their heads off- back then he’d hardly been himself by any stretch of the imagination. He’d been impulsive and volatile and prone to bad choices as a man, those very features somehow seeming to magnify even more as a vampire and yet not one of them had ever called him again. Not one of them even mentioned his name on that album when it came out 6 months later even the despite the fact he’d written nearly every song. They’d stolen it, as far as he was concerned and yet what good did it do to be mad about it? He couldn’t afford the lawyers to sue and even though he could, now, he hardly wanted to spend what money he had arguing over a case he might still lose.

Every single one of those far less impressive memories was forced to the back of his mind in those moments, Arlo content to simply enjoy that sound. The vampire undeniably talented when it came to this singular instrument. His proficiency here far superior to that keyboard or any other musical device. That simple joy he took from it strikingly clear as he managed to wail that machine over the sound of his still angry neighbour. That confidence and assurance and delight echoing from within him. Practicing wasn’t exactly going to be easy though. For tonight however he hardly seemed to mind though. Those last few notes dying away as he suddenly reached forward to wrap his arms around his Little Bear, the woman effortlessly tugged into that embrace, his lips brushing against her cheek in that sweet kiss quite before he had even realised just what he had done. The simple emotion of that moment taking him over entirely. Arlo notoriously poor at hiding any of those more joyous feelings and yet what did it matter here and now?

He hardly anticipated the way her arms wrapped almost naturally around his neck, his own hands shifting to rest on her waist if only because it simply seemed like….the right place to put them. Like they belonged entirely there. Another small possessive part of him flaring somewhere within and yet he was quick to pull it into submission. Your probably weren’t supposed to think about your best friend like that. Right? Right. That thanks was readily upon his lips then, that grin still wide and far toothier then he normally allowed and yet he hardly cared tonight. His features shifting only into that look of surprise at the woman’s assurance that she could probably play at her own home given that his neighbours and likely his roommate- would not at all appreciate his re-embrace of the musical ways. No matter how talented he was. He’d never really thought of his Little Bear having her own place before. Not that anyone, he supposed, though of animals owning houses and yet she wasn’t exactly an animal either was she? At least this meant she didn’t have like….an owner or something. Arlo entirely content to forgo any awkwardness that might have come with meeting whoever it was he thought he’d been stealing her from for the past year every other night.

“Maybe, if you want, after we take you shopping to that store you want to go to on Thursday we can go back to your place?”

Well it seemed logical. He’d just have to bring his guitar, he could carry that on his back easily enough, then he could play it at her place for a bit- at least until those children went to bed. It seemed almost perfect really. Her place was probably nicer than his. Maybe he could enjoy some time with her alone and- well, again, maybe those weren’t the sort of thoughts he was supposed to have about his best friend. Especially one he’d thought was a Panda until a few hours ago. Then again it wasn’t exactly like he could turn off his, well, those parts of him that were about a thousand percent sure she was an undeniably attractive young woman. She as more than that she was, well, gorgeous. This….was going to be harder than he had anticipated. Although the mention of ‘daddy’ was about as close to a cold shower as he’d ever come. Daddy? Really he shouldn’t have been surprised. She obviously had parents. He just hadn’t assumed they’d be, well, around he supposed. Arlo so used to the absence of his own. Hell, he was mostly sure his parents told people he was dead. That surprise (and concern) surely clear on his features then.

“Will….er....your Dad….I mean….is he going to mind me being in the house with you? Does he come over a lot? I mean I don’t hate parents or anything but Dad’s don’t tend to like me that much. Sometimes they try to put me in a headlock. Is your dad a big guy?”

That Arlo had, clearly, held some less then pleasant interactions with some people’s fathers was surely clear. In fact, the vampire was distinctly sure he’d rather forget most of them. Not that he could blame the parents exactly. He hadn’t been ideal boyfriend material back then. What with the piercings and all….and the drinking……and the drug taking. Maybe he hadn’t been much of a person back then. He was better now right? Way more presentable. Mostly. Apart from being a vampire. God. Meeting the Father of your best friend was apparently more stressful then he’d anticipated. Arlo nearly oblivious to that subtle changed that seemed to exist in his companion then. Her hands slipping lightly from his neck to rest on his chest. Arlo rather suddenly away of exactly where her hands were. The man sure he could feel their warmth through his shirt. That question on her lips almost missed.

“Hmmm? Who? I….Oh! Mi! Oh, she just lives here. She’s my roommate. We don’t really get on that well but that might be because I threw soup on her. I mean, I didn’t throw it on her she didn’t believe I was a vampire so I tried to prove it and I scared her and she was making dinner and she spilled it on herself. She’s fine. We just….well…..we tolerate each other I suppose. She think’s I’m messy and loud and I think she’s bossy and obsessive. I’m also a bit worried she might drug me and send me to like a research lab somewhere though- if you ever can’t find me one day, question her first.”

His lip quirked upward, those words a clear joke- mostly. Even if had threatened to dissect him. Arlo making some effort to assure Abigail that Mi was, well, his roommate and nothing else. That somehow seeming an important distinction to make. His own features frowning slightly then. Those thoughts of Mi’s initial fear seeming to stir within his mind then. His band mates had been afraid too. It was ridiculous, surely and yet he needed that…conformation, that assurance that Abby wasn’t like the others that she wasn’t just, well, being polite he supposed. That question upon his lips then. Arlo almost…dreading that response. At least until Abigail blinked at him as if she’d failed to understand the question. The woman suddenly launching into an assurance that there were more scary animals then him. Like Zombie ants. Alright, this hadn’t been the response he’d anticipated and yet, somehow, that smile found his lips all the same. The vampire finding he almost believed her really even if she hardly seemed to understand how…scary he could be. For now in the least, that lack of fear would have to be enough.

“Thanks, Ab’s.”

The words were almost quiet and yet entirely genuine. That mention of Sebastian the Chocolate Man and finding some other nice vampires seeing his lips part once more, Arlo about to assure her he really didn’t like the idea of other vampires (other than Sebastian he supposed) near her at all before that mention of the idea she had intended to gift him her blood at Christmas- that surprise touching his features- before she went on to mention Christmas ladies and ice skaters and men in trees. Arlo taking several moments for his mind to try and catch up with those scenarios she mentioned. The Panda promptly assuring him it was best if he was just like Spiderman from now on. His mind lingering still upon that mention of her blood. Arlo taking several moments longer to gather his own thoughts and yet he’d suddenly seemed to take notice of her heartbeat, of the smell of her all over again. He certainly preferred vampires- there was no denying that- and yet her human form smelled so different to her animal one. Something in her blood holding that note of appeal to him. Everything about her, truthfully, holding appeal to him. Arlo chuckling softly.

“I’ll try to stick to tree people then and playing Spiderman. Were you….really going to let me try your blood?”

Why on earth this seemed so important to him he hardly knew and yet….it did. It was. There was something…intimate about that. Somehow. With her. Some curious mix of….affection and hunger and curiosity and surprise all seeming to tug at him now. Arlo letting one hand lift from her hip then to gently encircle the wrist of her right hand, the man softly moving it from his chest, turning it over in his hand until the inside of her wrist, with its delicate soft skin, was exposed. His other hand lifted then, one finger tracing along just one of those veins on the inside of her wrist before his blue gaze flicked back up to her own. That small smile still touching his lips.

“That would involve me biting you, you know that right?”

His thumb pressed but a little more firmly upon her wrist, the beat of her heart so clear to him then. It’s pace quickening ever so slightly although why he wasn’t truly sure. Arlo softening his hold once more until her hand simply rested in his own in that still up-turned position.

“Wouldn’t that scare you, even a little bit?”


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