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if these wings could fly for the rest of our lives
Abigail was oblivious to those memories that tugged upon her best friend at the sensation of those strings beneath his fingertips. In fact, all that she was aware of was how GOOD he was. It was amazing, really, the way he was able to turn those notes into something nothing short of fantastic, even if that sound was rather loud and the neighbors hardly seemed nearly as taken with it as Abigail was. She guessed she understood why though, it was rather late. Still, those first few syllables of the man's colorful language were unlike anything she'd ever heard, her eyes widening before several notes from Arlo's guitar simply drowned out that sound altogether. She had never seen the man so happy before - well, excluding that night he found out that his maker had left him with a veritable fortune. She would be happy about that too, she supposed. What she didn't expect, however, was the way he near swept her off of that sofa and into his embrace. That touch of his flesh was decidedly cool against her own and yet, Abby hardly minded in the slightest, the girl instead giggled at the ticklish touch of his lips against her cheek. She definitely didn't have to worry about him being angry at her! That was for sure!

Her arms fell all too naturally around the man's neck, just as his too seemed to encircle her waist in a hug that certainly went on past normal friendly huggy times. Not that Abigail minded much as it was. Rather, she hardly made an effort to leave his embrace, the woman only pulling back just enough to provide her bestest of friends with that offer that he was fully capable of utilizing her home as a designated practice room. What with being so particularly close to his neighbors, it was hardly an ideal place to display his guitar skills. Besides, it might be nice to have someone else within that rather large home of hers besides herself. It wasn't as if Abigail often got guests and sometimes it could be rather lonely, that fact alone surely had prompted her frequent visits to her vampire bestie in that animal form he'd become accustomed to. Thankfully, Arlo seemed to accept that whole human half of her just as easily as he too seemed to accept that open door invitation into her home. All of it was terribly exciting! That was, at least until Arlo mentioned another woman within his home who would be equally as glad for that lack of music.

Those questions that followed this revelation that Abigail had a home of her own, however, only just slightly distracted the girl from that sudden weight of whom this Mi was and what she meant to Arlo. What if she was more than just a friend or a sibling? What if she was like….his GIRLFRIEND or something?! She knew she should be happy for him and yet, it prompted a sort of sinking sensation with her. She was being silly. She knew she was being silly and Abigail was entirely certain to attempt to push those feelings away. Instead, it was that suggestion of what their next evening could consist of that that she tried to focus on, her head bobbed in a whole delighted fashion. "Okay! We can do that!" She announced, the woman purposefully coaxing that easy smile back to her features. That question of who she lived with was easily answered and yet, Abigail tended to provide vastly more information than what was asked of her. It had hardly crossed her mind that Arlo might enjoy that time alone with her, then again, such thoughts of things she certainly couldn't have generally didn't cross her mind to begin with. The girl was unaware of the fashion she had quite near ruined those ideas at the sheer mention of her much beloved father.

That clear concern upon his features prompted a soft laughter upon her own, even as her hands slid downwards towards his chest. Her shoulders merely shifted upwards in a small shrug. "I don't know...he might. But I don't have to tell him." She responded with an almost mischievous glimpse to her features. It was the first time she had even considered lying to her father. After all, an omission of the truth was really quite a lie and yet, he was busy with his own things. He hardly needed to fret after her. "No, he's only been home once since we moved here. I think he's in Algeria...or was it Morroco…?" She waved her hand as if to suggest it didn't really matter. "I think he'd like you though." This, it seemed, was something Abigail was quite sure of, just as she was equally certain that her father putting Arlo in a headlock was equally as ridiculous. Even so, Abigail could hardly ignore that almost nagging itch within her. Who was Mi? That question was on her lips much at the same time, and yet, it was almost a sort of blankness that his question was met with.

That answer, however, brought a certain sort of relief to the girl, one that almost prompted the corner of her lips to tilt upwards even if she tried not to let that happiness show. "Wait - you threw soup at her?! Why does she think you're lying about being a vampire?" Her eyebrows quickly furrowed at this newfound knowledge of the woman. She wasn't sure if she liked this woman very much, especially if she thought so poorly of Arlo when Abby herself was certain that Arlo wasn't all that awful. I mean, yes, he could be messy at times but he just had more important things to tend to then where his socks were. It wasn't all that bad. "Hm." Abigail responded with in spite of that jest, the woman quite clearly judging this Mi even if she was generally quite an easy to get along with sort of girl. It seemed any distaste of Arlo tended to make her quite less friendly to even the idea of the lady. She was quite absorbed within her own thoughts of this Mi when a rather unanticipated inquiry left her best friend's lips - one she certainly hadn't expected in the slightest. Her? Afraid….of Arlo?

The whole idea was rather ridiculous, the young woman quite keen on telling him so. After all there were things that were far more terrifying than Arlo. LIKE ZOMBIE ANTS. A FUNGUS THAT TOOK OVER THE BRAINS OF ANTS! How terrifying was that?! Arlo was definitely not THAT scary! That thanks he provided her in return seemed entirely half hearted and yet, Abigail accepted it all the same, presenting him with that grin before she continued on of his eating of the Chocolate Man and other nice vampires she'd certainly intended to help him find. In fact, the young woman informed him not only of her intention to provide him HER blood but her dislike of that scary lady they'd met at Christmas time. It was with that declaration that Arlo was spiderman that finally prompted another firm nod from her, as if she truly knew what was best for her friend. That soft chuckle was reassuring, prompting yet another warm beam from the girl. That inquiry of her blood however coaxed an almost pensive glimpse from her features before she slowly nodded. "I mean….I know it's not super yummy or anything but you had a boo boo and...I wanted to help." She glanced down, the corner of her lips tilted down in a small frown. Abigail wanted to be useful to that only true companion she had made within the city. Even though she dared not say it, Arlo was truly all she had.

The young woman glanced upwards only as his hand left her waist, reaching upwards to encircle the girl's slender wrist. She glanced down at his fingers inquisitively as he turned her hand over to reveal her wrist and the tender skin and prominent veins hidden there. That soft inquiry caused her to nod once again in affirmation, "I know." She responded softly, altogether aware of exactly what she was offering to him and yet….truly, it was just the sort of individual that the young woman was. She'd never really had close friends as a child, an off product of being a transplant in a place she didn't belong and so, truly, there was little Abigail wouldn't attempt to do to keep this relationship, even if that meant not voicing creeping feelings that she shouldn't be having. That slight press of his thumb upon her vein drew her gaze towards him as he inquired if that bite might scare her. "No." She answered resolutely, the woman entirely certain of this. "You're my Arlo, you won't hurt me...right?" Abigail inquired, her trust fully placed in the man in front of her. Of him, she had the utmost faith, even if she could hardly say why.

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