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if these wings could fly for the rest of our lives
That snort at her declaration that the pair simply didn't have to tell her father of her friendship with Arlo hardly went unnoticed by the young woman, her gaze almost inquisitive as she yed that humor that laced his features. She didn't see why it was such a bad idea, after all, it wasn't as if the man was a round all that often to care about who she associated with to begin with. And she had sort of already told him she'd met a friend...who was a 'he', though she didn't really think her father had been paying much attention in that part of the phone call. She was, however oblivious to just how her friend's thoughts progressed so quickly within their relationship, the young woman entirely of the belief that they could never be something like that, enough so that she certainly didn't even entertain such ideas! Or at least stopped herself anytime they attempted to creep up. It probably didn't help that Abigail had never truly had a real boyfriend to begin with. Her relationships had all been distinctly….childish. Rather, Abigail was almost certain it was still the mention of her father that perturbed her friend, the woman entirely content to offer some sort of reassurance on that front.

That suggestion that her father would be fretting over more then that guitar, however, prompted a nearly blank look to her features, followed quite abruptly by a pensive sort of confusion. "You...think he's going to think you're going to….attack me for my blood?" She inquired, entirely determined to puzzle out the source of his concerns. "That's okay though, I'll just tell him you only eat vampires and then he won't worry - right?" It seemed like a simple enough sort of problem to solve. She was certain her father would believe her, why shouldn't he? The young panda certainly didn't anticipate that her friend would be willing to meet her father - did adult friends do that? Even so, Abigail nodded quite resolutely at that offer, tentative though she was to introduce the two most important men in her life to each other. "I to him about it...when he comes back….which probably won't be for a while. He doesn't like coming home very much." That simple admittance caused the young girl to bite her lip ever so slightly, the eternally optimistic panda hardly saw a reason to lie to her bestest friend, even if she had long ago accepted that peculiar new trait of her father. She understood him, at the very least.

Even despite his concerns of her father, Abigail found herself fretting over another matter entirely - like...the possibility that maybe Arlo had found someone. Maybe this Mi was like that figurative girl he had wanted to take ice skating nearly a year ago? Maybe...she meant something to him? It was silly, the way her heart fluttered at even the consideration of it, the prospect bothering her enough to ask after exactly who the woman was. She was almost surprised how quickly he reassured her not only that she was merely a roommate, but that the two hardly seemed to get along. At least, until the mention of soup throwing and this Mi's apparent ignorance of vampires. She could hardly help that critical glance upon her features as her hands slowly slid down from his neck to rest almost innocently upon the man's chest. Arlo's tale of stabbing himself in order to show the woman exactly what he was, however, brought a look of near horror upon her features, her mouth parting ever so softly only to find Arlo abruptly showing her his hand in an effort to prove that he really was fine.

Gingerly, her fingertips reached out to trace the lines in the palm of her best friend's hand, as if somehow reassuring herself that he truly was in one piece.She still wished, truthfully, that such drastic measures hadn't been necessary for the girl to believe him. Much less the simple fact that Abigail still wasn't entirely certain she liked this roommate who seemed to think so poorly of the man she cared for. Loyalty, it seemed, was a trait that ran quite strongly within her. She certainly hadn't anticipated for their conversation to shift to her own thoughts of the man in front of her, even if she was quick to reassure him that, not only was he not scary but that, compared to him, there were much MUCH more terrifying things in the world. This, apparently, was a point that she was quite steadfast on, even if he found her answer altogether ridiculous. Abigail hardly paused, however, continuing on about her own blood and her decision that Arlo should be spiderman then a scary man. She certainly hadn't anticipated that Arlo would latch onto that simple utterance of her own blood and yet, it was that very thing that seemed to captivate the entirety of his attention.

She hardly fought his grasp as he reached up to take that hand into his. Rather, an almost curious glimpse crossed her features as his fingers pressed into that vein that ran just beneath her skin, the woman entirely oblivious to that pulse that steadily thrummed just beneath his fingertips. She was certain that this wasn't terrifying, even if it might be a little bit painful, after all, Abigail was entirely certain that her Arlo wouldn't hurt her, not like that, anyways. There was a certain sort of tenderness to that agreement he offered her, a sort of intimacy that made her feel as if her stomach was flopping, as ridiculous as she was sure that was. That almost giddy smile crossed her features, the girl eagerly returning his own only for that movement of Arlo's hand to temporarily distract her. It was that mention of that venom, however, that caused the young woman to nod ever so slightly - after all, she had seen it near first hand. "It makes you sleepy - right?" She inquired, the girl easily capable of putting those facts together. She was equally as aware that whatever this….venom thing was, it seemed to affect people differently. The vampire Arlo had bitten had been asleep far longer than that scary lady had. Momentarily, she found herself wondering how it might affect her, only for Arlo to suddenly mention something about not flinching. Wait a second - what?

Abigail was hardly prepared to find her finger placed within his mouth, the girl almost….shy about the sensations that followed, the sharp prick of his tooth against her skin, the wetness of her tongue and yet, her gaze never once left his own, even if her cheeks suddenly felt rather...warm. It was only once her hand was returned to her that Abby found herself eying that small puncture in her flesh. It hardly seemed to be bleeding - that alone rather fascinating for the girl, at least, until that singular word left her friend's lips. Abigail glanced upwards at him, already assured that that single sound confirmed her vegetable status in the blood world. She watched as he suddenly left her, flopping back on the sofa and yet, she found herself almost feeling oddly….cold without the touch of his skin. It was silly, she knew that, he wasn't exactly warm to begin with and yet, as a Panda she was almost always touching him to the point that this small distance between them felt...rather lacking. How hadn't she noticed this before? That sudden grin on his face, however, quickly drew her attention back to the topic at hand, the woman almost uncertain as to what 'never tasted something quite like that' meant. Was she like….a good vegetable? Or was she like...tofu levels? In fact, she was already so prepared for the worse that to hear those words 'nice blood' prompted a near squeal of delight from her lips. "Really?!" She inquired, closing that distance between them only to stand over him, presenting him with her 'wounded' finger. "Does this mean I get a smiley face bandaid?" Yup. Abigail totally did this all for a band aid. He better have good ones - never mind the fact of how quickly she as a species tended to heal. It was the little things that made everything better and, frankly, Abigail was rather certain that having nice blood and a happy band aid made the whole evening worth it.

Abigail Hughes a were red panda


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