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if these wings could fly for the rest of our lives
The young woman’s eyebrows furrowed ever so slightly at the mere notion the his species was hardly what would concern her father with her involvement with her friend. It had, after all, simply failed to occur to her that her father might be protective of what the vampiric man might want to do with her. Abigail had never truly had a boyfriend, after all, beyond a month she had spent toying around with a local boy. The concept was hardly unfamiliar to her, it simply had never been enough of her life for such a consideration to settle within her thoughts. She’d spent a lifetime as an outsider in that little village she had grown up in. Friendship was the best the girl had ever been capable of hoping for in the past. Even despite Arlo’s insistence that she shouldn’t fret over it, Abigail was unable to truly forget about the topic, her curiosity certainly getting the better of her, even though she only nodded in agreement. “Probably not.” She responded in an altogether distracted tone, the woman still puzzling over what about Arlo might so disgruntled her father.

Abigail was almost purposeful in moving that conversation away from her father, that topic rather sore for the young girl if only for how much she so desperately wished his presence within her life. Rather, Abby found herself inquiring after that young woman whom she was certain that Arlo had never mentioned before. She knew well it was silly to fret over the possibility of this girl being something meaningful to her best friend. After all, she should be happy for him rather then….was that jealousy? Thankfully, she was spared the need to figure out her own feelings on the topic with Arlo’s insistence that the odd sounding woman was merely his roommate. Frankly, she disliked that the stranger ha prompted such concerns within Arlo as to whether or not SHE feared him too. It was a prospect she was altogether quick to reassure the man of, going so far to even inform him of her intention last Christmas to offer him her own blood to heal that wound he had sported. She was oblivious, truly to the sheer meaning such an offer had upon the man, at least, not till his hand left her waist to grasp at that slender wrist.

Her hazel eyes rose upwards towards Arlo at the voicing of that solemn promise, one Abigail trusted in with the utmost faith. She was hardly oblivious of Arlo’s abilities, after all, she had seen him feed twice before and yet, the potency of that venom hardly was enough to truly worry her. That explanation was enough to see her head bob ever so slightly in understanding, the young girl nothing if not optimistic. “Well, that doesn’t sound too bad, right?” A little bit of sleepy time for her Arlo was hardly the worst thing ever, she was sure. After all, he would keep her safe and she HAD slept within that very apartment before on more than one occasion. It just...might not be very exciting for him, she supposed. That sudden request to remain still drew her thoughts from his venom and the comfort she found sleeping against Arlo’s chest, the girl instead nodded quite firmly, attempting, in those moments, to mimic a statue as he drew her finger closer towards his lips. That pierce of flesh was sharp and abrupt and yet, she strove to remain still, even if it quickly dissipated at the gentle caress of his tongue against her skin. She could hardly help the way she bit her bottom lip, already prepared for that declaration that she tasted like broccoli.

That sudden grin upon his features caught her off guard and yet, Abigail was more distracted by the sudden distance between them as he flopped back upon that leather sofa. Such consideration, however, was quite fleeting in the wake of declaration that she actually tasted GOOD! She could hardly help that squeal of glee that left her lips, the woman entirely delighted even though she probably shouldn’t be. She moved easily in front of him, providing the man with a view of his finger whilst she declared her need for a particularly colorful band aid. Abigail was rather certain that she deserved one after all of that not flinching. What she hadn’t realized, however, was that rapid rate her body seemed to heal such a tiny wound, when so coupled with Arlo’s own ability to close such a wound in the first place. Her own species had a rather uncanny ability to heal….not quite like him, of course, but it was still neat all the same. She eyed her own hands with a hint of curiosity st Arlo’s explanation of exactly how she had wound up free of any such marks and yet, she was almost disappointed to be denied that cute bandage.

Her attention shifted from her finger only at the sound of that velvety voice, her own features shifted into a small frown as she considered her options. “Um….well...I have class in the morning so….I probably should go home….I mean, if you don’t have time I can walk home alone. I’ve done it like a billion times before...or you could stay with me, if you want....I mean, if there isn’t enough time...or something..” She glanced down in an almost bashful fashion at that simple suggestion. Even though she had certainly slept in the same bed as Arlo before, there was something different about doing so like this. Much less the fact that she was finally inviting him home. The whole prospect of it all made the poor girl nervous for reasons she couldn’t quite put her finger on. It was just her Arlo. This was what best friends did, right? Have slumber parties and stay up all night talking about the people they liked? Maybe she had watched too many old movies...maybe she just should have just gone home instead of opening her mouth...

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