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She was almost surprised, really, that her boyfriend's vehicle had been stolen by a vampire, much less an odd looking orange cat that had apparently befriended the thing. After all, she was fairly certain the undead creature would at least smell her significant other in the vehicle. It was certainly ballsy of the vampire, she was willing to give him that. Even so, that shrug caused the girl's eyebrows to furrow ever so slightly before her gaze turned thoughtfully back towards the road ahead of them. She knew of that bar her boyfriend had spoken of, after all, she knew of most of the shady areas within the West where her mentor had once done most of his business. Serafina herself had never ventured there, hardly wishing to risk her life more then usual and yet, this concept of vampires and felines had brought within the forefront of her mind something she had read once in that near extensive library of archaic tomes and questionable spellbooks. "Did you know the vampire's affinity with cats comes from us witches?" She inquired after a long moment, even though she knew well how uncomfortable that mention of her species tended to make the man. "I mean, they were associated with us for so long that people feared them and so, according to some legends, the original vampire had been some sort of corpse...split with cat genes or something. I mean, it's all very vague lore but….that's why they hiss and have fangs and can see so well in the dark…" Her voice trailed off, as if the woman lost interest even in her own words, her eyes instead following that pathway they took out from the city limits and towards those far more rural areas. Where on earth were they going?

It was a question she received an answer to soon enough as that vehicle slowed in front of that rather obscure home. It was certainly far more solitary then the girl was used to, living within the very heart of that city. She was content to eye that home with a measure of weariness, even as Azrael moved to her side of the vehicle to open the door for her in that continual display of decorum that surely originated in his far greater age. Even so, Serafina said little of it, following the man up towards that doorstep even as she continued to eye those small facets of the porch that she found...peculiar for reasons even she couldn't fully voice. Her stormy eyes flickered towards her boyfriend as he dug through what she was assured were smelly old shoes, the corner of her lip curling ever so slightly. What happened to doing something…sanitary like leaving your key under the doormat? The woman could tell by that singular sound that left his lips that he'd hardly found what he was looking for and yet, she regarded him with little more than a raised brow as he seemed to survey that home he clearly intended to break into. Her gaze slowly followed his own to that oddly shaped window, her head tilted to the side as she regarded this newest oddity and yet, she certainly hadn't anticipated that she might be asked to climb through it.

In fact, the sheer suggestion of it prompted a glare of sorts from the woman, that staunch 'no' already on her lips before the man saw fit to inform her why that peculiar window had been so oddly shaped in the first place - to keep her out. She could hardly help that scowl upon her fair features, even as she grumbled on the noteable idiocy of some of those individuals they shared that earth with. To think a simple window could stop her? It was laughable. Still, she knew exactly what Azrael was doing, attempting to appeal to her often stubborn rebellious nature, to get her to do this thing for him in some effort to prove that a singular window was not capable of keeping her kind out. That…"Asshole." The word was muttered equally as lowly as she shoved that purse into his hands, the girl surely annoyed in some regards and yet, even so, she still found herself giving in to him all the same. Watch this be some giant Dark Hunter trick or something stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Her fingers grasped the edge of that roof as Azrael lifted her petite frame by the waist. She was fairly certain she'd kicked him at one point in attempting to pull herself up onto that tiled surface. Upper arm strength wasn't exactly the young woman's forte. Even so, she eventually found herself standing near precariously upon that edge as she inquired near wearily if the man had some sort something on the other side of that window.

Azrael's insistence that he'd hand a pomeranian near years ago was almost a relief. Almost. Those instructions were regarded with that same look if irritation on her features and yet, she heeded it all the same before the girl turned to face this challenge. Slowly, Serafina made her way towards that window, her fingers fitting under the sill to yank the thing upwards. It resisted, at first, almost creaking to give way to a small gap. A look of discontent crossed her features as she fit her fingers in that small space, pulling it upwards only to find herself looking down into a rather...odd room. What was it Azrael had said about just ignoring things on the walls? A soft sigh left her lips, the girl content to mutter under her voice to herself of how she'd let herself managed to be coaxed in this position. Men. Huff. Tentatively, she placed a leg over that window sill, her sneakered foot finding the top of that side table beneath it. The furniture wobbled slightly under her weight, clearly not meant for a woman to stand on it and yet, she was too far in to turn back now. She slowly added the weight of her other leg, the girl slowly lowering herself on it near completely only to have that wobbling side table near give out on her entirely, a leg cracking on to leave the witch dangling in air for a mere breath before her petite frame came crashing down with that nightstand. She could hardly help that sound of surprise that left her lips in that short fall before Serafina found herself sitting amongst the rubble of that nightstand with a lap on her lap and some miscellaneous stack of papers spread out around her. So much for not knocking things over.

Her bottom lip jutted out in a pout of sorts as the girl rubbed her thigh where that stupid lamp had smacked into her in that fall. She was sure she was going to have a bruise. In fact, her butt kind of hurt too. A small whine left her sweetheart lips as she slowly reach up for the nearest piece of furniture, her fingers grasping the edge only to send another stack of papers quite near sliding off that side table and landing upon the girl too. A huff left her lips as she glared at the wall across from her, her breath swaying a single lock of ebony hair from her features as she reached up to pull that now empty folder from it's place on top of her head. Azrael so owed her for this one. With a soft sigh, Serafina lifted herself from that sitting position on the floor, hardly trusting much of the furniture anymore. She eyed those papers strewn out around her, the witch leaning down enough to at least attempt to bunch them into a pile, even if she was sure Azrael's friend would have a hissy fit about her ruining whatever organization scheme he was using. She eyed the headings of those articles, most declaring some sort of world ending event in one way or another before she spied a few about underground bunkers and some such nonsense. Her head shook ever so slightly before she stood, those grey eyes content to wander the walls. The entire room was black, painted like the night sky with planets dotting the horizon. Her boyfriend certainly wasn't kidding. Her gaze trailed at those threads that moved between planets, leaning forward to look at that hand writing and the random newspaper clippings that told her of what he knew of each and every one of them. It was magnificent really.

She took her time to make her way through that room and out into the hallway, hardly following those directions Azrael had given her with any sort of speed as she merely marveled at the home of what she could only assume was a rather odd individual. Eventually, however, Serafina found herself in front of the door, the woman pausing to undo the no less then four locks upon that door only to open it to the worried face of her boyfriend. Pft. Like a house was going to kill her. "I broke his lamp." She stated almost matter-of-factly. Was that really that much better than ruining the door? Probably not but….hey, this hadn't been her idea in the first place.

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