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Serafina had a habit of avoiding any conversation with Azrael of her species, her abilities, or even those contracts she fulfilled and the inventory that filled her shelves. She knew well he knew of them, however, those slits tended to appear upon her wrists any time she picked up a particularly challenging project, the woman often using her own blood to wield her magic to a greater potency. This was truly one of those few moments in which the young witch imparted upon her boyfriend any knowledge of her race. Those facts, however, hardly seemed to perturb him quite as much as the use of her own affinities did, the man encouraging her onwards as she spoke. It was only once she finished her peculiar little retelling of that legend that Azrael seemed to consider those same similarities between the undead and those felines. Her stormy hued eyes settled upon his fingers as he seemed to tap thoughtfully upon the wheel, only to share his own odd little discovery. Her head tilted to the side as she considered this new found fact, a small frown settled on her features. "It's almost disappointing they don't jump fifty feet in the air like cats too." She mused, that frown turning into a small amused smile as she considered that imagery of a hissing, jumping vampire. It would have been priceless.

Her consideration of such a surely ridiculous image, however, was quickly pushed to the back of her mind when they arrived at that home. The search for the front door's key had quite clearly been unfruitful, resulting in what Serafina was certain was the worst idea she had ever heard Azrael offer - and yet, somehow here she was being coaxed into a window that was designed specifically to keep her species out. As if a mere window was capable of somehow besting those abilities that lay dormant inside the young woman. As if a mere window somehow made her weak. Pft. As if. She knew well that he was goading her into climbing through that window for him, the young woman entirely content to grumble under her breath at him. His insistence that he could hear her prompted little more than a sullen sort of glare for the woman, at least until he moved towards her side to lift her onto that roof. She was entirely certain that he owed her something magnificent for all that she was presently doing for his 'job'. It would be quick, he said. It was no big deal, he said. Oh, how he lied to her. It was with a huff on her lips that Serafina pulled open that window, the girl hoisting herself inside only to find that getting down was not nearly as easy as climbing into that window. Great. Just great.

That side table wobbled on aging legs as she slowly lowered herself onto it, first one foot, followed by the other and yet, as soon as the girl moved to get off onto the floor, she found herself suddenly lacking any sort of thing to stand on altogether. Those legs broke under her added weight, as if the papers she was standing on wasn't bad enough as it was. Serafina form plummeted to the ground, that lamp that had been precariously positioned smashing in the process only to result in the young woman entirely dismayed with a broken lamp, splintered pieces of aged particleboard, a shattered bulb and a near multitude of strewn about papers. A soft huff left her lips as she reached up for a nearby shelving unit, those papers upon it wobbling precariously before they too fell upon the young woman, resulting in a veritable storm of those loose-leaf paperwork. She could hear Azrael's voice in the front of the house and yet, for several moments Serafina simply sat there in silence, contemplating exactly what had gotten her to this very point. This was so not worth it. She was fairly certain that sore spot on her leg would turn into a bruise and her ass hurt. God, she wouldn't even be surprised if she discovered a splinter too, just to make matters worse.

It was with a small sigh that the girl eventually rose, shuffling those papers together to place them on top of that circular piece of wood that had once been the top of that side table. It...sort of looked like it belonged there. Sort of. Serafina turned away from the mess she had made before she could over think the remains of that disaster too greatly, her stormy eyes instead captured by those dark walls and the universe that quite literally lined every piece of space. For several long moments, the girl was far more keen to eye that space, her steps more akin to a slow shuffle as she slowly made her way towards the front door, entirely fascinated by those clear conspiracy theories that lined the walls. The guy was certainly….unique. Of that she was sure. Eventually, however, Serafina found herself in front of that door, her fingers easily reaching to undo the numerous locks that lined the inside, only to reveal the semi-worried face of her boyfriend. That admittance of what she had done quite abruptly fell from her lips, even if that lamp was hardly all of the damage she had done. She watched as that glimpse of concern was quite quickly chased off by a glimpse of - was that annoyance? Her hand fell on her hip, a single eyebrow rose as she watched him with a look that quite near dared the man to yell at her.

She was almost surprised that his agitation seemed to drain so quickly, that inquiry prompted but a small shrug from her. "It's broken broken." She responded simply, almost unsurprised to discover that her boyfriend's friend was a decidedly particular individual. She watched him move into that home, at least, until he paused quite abruptly, his lips pressed against her cheek in a fashion the girl had hardly anticipated. A glimpse of surprise settled on her features, any hint of agitation and what she had just been coaxed into seemed to melt away at that small brush of affection. Her gaze trailed after him as he suddenly stepped away from her to move further into that home. It was that near teasing tone that quickly ensnared the young woman's attention, her exclamation quite quickly followed in the wake of those words. "Hey! I got you in, didn't I?!" She declared, as if that alone should have been good enough. Besides, he never told her not to break anything...had he? Even so, Serafina followed the man deeper into the house, the girl altogether quiet as she eyed the curiosities of that home. It hardly took long, however, before Azrael was able to find that lamp she'd broken on the second floor of that home.

Her foot stepped on a piece of that broken light bulb, the glass crunching under her foot. That sound, it seemed, was enough to attract her boyfriend's attention, that sudden turn only causing another carefully placed book to slide from its balanced position only to prompt another mini avalanche of paperwork. Her lips parted, the woman fully intended to voice something when Azrael quite near beat it to her. She could hardly help that almost smug grin that settled upon her features. "I wouldn't dream of it." Serafina commented, her tone perhaps far more light-hearted than it should have been, particularly considering that she had only moments ago been quite near buried under that paperwork. Serafina watched with that simper still upon her lips as Azrael bent down to pluck at several of those pieces of paper, her head slowly tilted to the side as she considered those very prophecies that had so clearly sucked his once fellow hunter in. A small shrug crossed the young woman's shoulders and yet, she was hardly as dismissive of it as Azrael was. "Who knows, he may be right. It isn't as if our current world isn't already volatile as it is. And, need I remind you of the continual significance of cats?" She inquired with a warm giggle. The felines, at least, seemed to be a rather recurring theme today.

Serafina trailed after her boyfriend as Azrael made his way back down into the hallway with that broken lamp in tow, her own attention still utterly devoted to those near fascinating amounts of articles and art pinned upon the surface of those walls. He might have been a conspiracy theorist but at the very least he managed to captivate the young witch. Her gaze refocused only at the sound of her boyfriend's voice, that package clearly clutched between his hands. Thank goodness, now they could get out of here. Unfortunately for her, that very hunter whose home they intruded upon was driving up that driveway right now, of course. Her stormy gaze darted back towards Azrael at that mention of simply 'magicking' the lamp away. Really? "And how exactly do you expect me to do that?" She inquired, her eyebrows rose in a decidedly disbelieving fashion. What the young woman didn't anticipate was the fashion at which her boyfriend quite near abruptly appeared beside the sink, that lamp being dropped in what clearly looked like days old dishwater. "Azrael!" She exclaimed in a clearly exasperated and scolding fashion, that glance given in her direction prompted a pointed look from her and yet, that inquiry upon his lips only brought another consideration to the front of her mind. "I guess now would not be a good time to tell you I also broke a coffee table." Oops?

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