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Those stormy blue eyes watched as her boyfriend pinched the bridge of his nose between his forefinger and thumb. That annoyance upon his features was easily detected by the young woman, even as she glared at him with an almost daring sort of look. That statement on the lamp's level of brokenness prompted little more then a sigh from him, her own arms folding over her chest. Here she was with a bruise and he was far more worried over a ten dollar lamp! She watched as he moved past her, heading up stairs towards that room she'd entered through in the first place. Serafina hardly anticipated that kiss that he placed upon her cheek as he passed her, that simple affection almost smoothing the woman's equally as irritable nature, even as he glanced over his shoulder to insist her performance was subpar. A huff left her lips as she called after him, "I'd like to see you climb through that window!" Even so, she could hardly help that grumbling in response, the girl easily picking up her insistence that men were altogether impossible. Still, she followed him up the stairs, her gaze sweeping over his figure as he kneeled over that very place she'd entered that room.

The remains of her little accident had been nearly put back together, well, as neatly as she could manage with that broken side table pieces covered by stacks of paper and a discombobulated lamp whose head had become detached. Her hand fell upon her hip as he plucked that broken, dangling lamp from that pile of papers. The sound of her footsteps alone seemed to prompt movement from the man, his shoulder colliding into another haphazardly placed tower of clippings and research. She could hardly help that snicker on her lips, even as he preemptively attempted to stop at almost inevitable comment from the girl. Her insistence that she had little intention of saying anything at all, however, seemed to coaxed that laughter from him that she so adored, that grin easily crept upon her own features. "You're right. I would. So don't tempt me further." The young witch replied, offering her boyfriend a quick wink, those long eyelashes fluttered close over on of her grey tinged eyes. Serafina left Azrael to put back together that stack of papers he'd left in a disarray. Her own attention turned inquisitively back towards the walls and the sheer size of papers pinned, taped, and even research written upon that way itself. It was fascinating to her, even if Azrael was far more keen to simply dismiss such notions altogether.

Truly, she believed every conspiracy theory came from some measure of truth, somewhere, even if it was some singular tiny fact - human beings by nature were simply not that inventive. She nodded in a distracted manner, only to comment softly that Azrael's friend may not be wholly wrong. After all, given the current state of the world's affairs, it almost wasn't even a stretch. The rift between the species was vast and the hunters had often taken upon their crusade with a gusto that should have even made her current relationship with her boyfriend nigh impossible. And yet, still, they all managed in some fashion. She was hardly surprised, however, that Azrael was unwilling to even entertain such ideas, the woman instead offering him a small shrug. "You're right." She willingly admitted. After all, the world had survived thus far for however long without exploding in on itself. She was almost hesitant to leave that curious research behind her, the woman slowly trailed after her boyfriend as Azrael made his way down those stairs, clearly finding that package that had prompted the whole adventure into that rather peculiar home.

That sound of car wheels crunching on the gravel outside drew her own gaze, Azrael's eyes easily followed suited, the pair equally aware of who was exactly coming home. That suggestion that she could simply magic the lamp away, however, prompted a near exasperated look from her features. "We each have a very limited set of abilities. I could kill Jack easier than I can magic away a lamp." She had never truthfully admitted the extent of her abilities to her boyfriend, this was perhaps the first true hint she'd given him of exactly what she was capable of. Even so, such clearly prompted him to take things into his own hands, that lamp quickly finding itself at the bottom of what was rather murky dishwater. How gross. She could hardly help the fashion at which she near scolded the man, if only for how utterly horrified she would be if she had found a lamp within her sink - not that Serafina would leave dishes in a sink full of water for days on end either. The sheer thought of it made her shudder. Who did that?!?!

It was, however, during this contemplation of the proper way to wash dishes that the young woman remained wholly oblivious of exactly how Azrael manipulated that light around her that made her supernatural race distinguishable. Rather, it was that realization of the man coming up that porch and Azrael's efforts to hide that lamp that prompted that admittance of that side table that had quite near collapsed under her weight. That almost hiss upon her boyfriend's lips was answered with a small shrug and yet, any words he might have scolded her with were quickly brushed away by the sudden presence of Azrael's friend. It was in that moment that she offered the newcomer a warm simper, one that almost didn't fit the usually sassy woman if only for the knowledge of how man Azrael surely wanted to strangle her at the present moment. That exchange between the two hunters was observed with a hint of curiosity, the woman interjecting only at Azrael's introduction of her. "It's a pleasure to meet you." She added in that soprano sing-song voice of her's. Her gaze shifted slightly towards her hand as Azrael fitted his fingers between her own, clearly intending to pull her out of that home with him. Well that's a shame, his friend seemed so interesting.

She hadn't quite expected, however, the near panic that suddenly filled their host at the idea that they were leaving. Her own finger raised to point questioningly at herself as Jack insisted she was apart of the end of the world. Her eyebrows rose ever so slightly, her stormy eyes shifted between the two men, entirely aware of that almost subtle change to Azrael's features as his patience began to dwindle. She was certainly not involved in the end of the world, much less saving everyone. Frankly, she suspected Jack drew her into this prophesy if only to further drag her own boyfriend within that chaos of that prophesy, even if she was willing to entertain his prophecy as a whole. Serafina allowed herself to be led from that house, even as she glanced behind her towards that man whilst Azrael attempted to rescue her from those conspiracy theories. She hardly intervened as Jack attempted to thrust that book into Azrael's hands, the girl instead sliding into that open car, her stormy eyes settled silently on them all the same with a hint of inquisitiveness. She watched as Azrael moved around that vehicle, clearly managing to assuage the other hunter's concerns that he'd surely read the book, that alone apparently was enough to prompt Jack to retreat into that house.

Serafina took that book Azrael offered her, the girl entirely unable to help herself as she let her fingers flicker through that thick novel. She hardly even glanced up at that loud announcement of the coffee table or Azrael's slamming on that accelerator. She was aware of Azrael's glare, even if she feigned inattentiveness, flicking slowly form page to page, pausing only when something caught her interest. In fact, it wasn't until some time later that Serafina even glanced up at her boyfriend, his attempts to reassure her, however, prompted only a soft sigh from her. "Well that's a shame, I rather liked the idea of being the world's savior." Truthfully, she was hardly perturbed of Jack's insistence that some earth shattering event was upon the horizon, much less that she was involved in such a thing. The earth had long ago shown her that it had hardly cared for her, much less had some greater version of fate for her. That inquiry of the book, however, prompted a near frustrated glimpse upon her features. "I'm not really's in another language. But there are some really old pictures. I recognized the Four Horsemen with this angel….and the gates of hell and there was a cat on fire in front of it….see?" She flipped back a few pages to show him one of the black and white photos depicted in that book. At the very least, Serafina clearly found those conspiracies fascinating, even if she hardly believed in them all the same.

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