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The pages of that book had yellowed with age, the corners of them had begun to curl inwards ever so slightly. The ink had lightened and the binding was worn with so much opening and closing of the volume and yet, the pictures remained as utterly fascinating as they surely must have been they very day they were inked. Her fingers lightly ran over the pages as she thumbed through the rather large book, that art style wholly fascinating her just as much as the images they depicted. She eyed with interest the four horsemen upon their steeds, their identities quite easy to discern upon that page. Death. Conquest. War. Famine. A small frown crossed her lips as she turned that page to the gates of hell, and yet, rather than that famed Cerebros, it was a feline that stood guard before that flaming entryway, those fires engulfing it just as much. She flipped several other pages, eying pictures of rebellious angels, the undead rising under the light of the moon, a fae sitting amongst those perfectly capped mushrooms with gold and riches at his feet, and finally, one that she supposed was meant to be her, or at least, an illustration of what she suspected Jack might think was her. It was truly inquisitive and yet, before Serafina could find herself tumbling down that hole of curiosities, Azrael's voice drew her from that internalized thoughts.

She hadn't anticipated that the man might make an effort to reassure her of his hunting friend's lack of sanity, her stormy gaze but briefly shifted to her companion with a hint of surprise within those blue-grey depths. It was almost sweet, the way he was concerned of how she might fret over the end of the world and yet, when had Serafina truly worried of anything? Such was an emotion she was often simply lacking altogether, curious though it was. She could hardly help the almost sardonic tone to her words as the girl announced she was disappointed that she wouldn't be the world's savior and yet, she could hardly help that teasing smile that fluttered over those sweetheart lips. She noted that roll to his eyes, that simple gesture almost seeming to bring back a hint of that previous lighter moon that had afflicted him this morning. It was the query of what the book consisted of, however, that caused her eyes to flutter back to that volume open in her lap. She shrugged ever so slightly, declaring that book to be written in a language she certainly did not know, which really wasn't saying much. "I'm not sure….of either of those. I bet the internet could translate it though if we really wanted to know what it said." She commented, already considering fishing out her phone to upload a picture of that text to her browser's translate function. Even if it was all conspiracy theories, it was damn near tempting for the woman.

Even so, she hardly allowed herself to be drawn to the allure of that curiosity. Rather, she flipped back several pages to show her boyfriend those illustrations of those very assurances Jack had mentioned - of horsemen and cats. Her gaze inquisitively turned towards Azrael at the mention of this other hunter, one whom Jack was certain was one of those horsemen of the apocalypse. Her eyebrows furrowed in consideration of that picture that now rested open in front of her and yet, she supposed someone riding a white horse was hardly really that unusual. White horses made up how much of the world wide horse population? It wasn't like they were really all that rare or anything. "Hmm…" She commented softly and yet, it was the mention of her pet's Alpha that caused her frown to only deepen. "Yeah, I met him a few times. He came into my store once to order a potion for his vampire girlfriend. The guy is almost as serious as you are - soooo melodramatic." She was teasing Azrael, slightly, and yet really she truly believed her familiar's Alpha was hardly the sort to open up some gates of hell.

It really almost was disappointing. This could have been so interesting. Serafina closed that book with an almost loud thud, leaning down to place it at her feet as she too pushed it far from her mind. Maybe she'd look up the author later and see if he was deemed as much of a maniac as Azrael seemed to write Jack off as. It'd at least give her a glimpse into the intention of the book and how she should regard it. For now, however, Serafina was far more content to simply turn her gaze back towards the window, at least until an entirely different thought pulled at her. "Azzy, if he's so crazy, then what did he have that you needed?" She inquired, her eyebrows raising in a inquisitive fashion. It seemed that Serafina was altogether keen to grasp onto any sort of mystery, this one included. After all, what could Jack possibly have that might catch Azrael's interest when so much of his home was filled with conspiracy theories and useless papers and books that her boyfriend was far more prone to scoff at then read? Unfortunately for Serafina, her wanderings were momentarily distracted by the sudden stopping of that vehicle in front of that very park she had first drawn him to all those months ago. How much time had passed between then and now, how much had happened since then. It was almost natural, the way her gaze immediately found the protective leaves of that Weeping Beech and yet, her fondness for the tree was quickly distracted by the sudden realization of just how many people were there. What on earth was going on??

Her gaze turned towards Azrael as he got out of the car, the man moving around the front of it to get her door in the way she had almost come to expect of him. She watched the Dark Hunter as he opened that car, finally offering her some way of explanation. "A witch...event?" She inquired, as she reached for his hand, stepping out of that sports car. How had this been here all along without the girl's knowledge? Had her mentor known of it and kept it from her? She supposed it wasn't as if her shop was on the main thoroughfare - maybe they didn't want someone like her here? Someone who often specialized in those darker magics. Her gaze fluttered back towards him as he took that inquiry right out of her mouth. She could hardly help that grin that settled on her lips, her head shaking from side to side in a small display of surprise. "All right, all right." She muttered as she stepped closer towards him, her lips pressing together to press against his cheek. "Thank you, Azrael." The young witch commented softly, her fingers reaching out to thread between his own. Serafina wasn't often affectionate in public, particularly because of her simple awareness of how their peculiar relationship would be looked upon by others and yet, today she almost didn't care. Today, she was entirely content to claim her as his as she led him towards those rows upon rows of tents.

There was something glorious about the simple smell of that festival. It was so earthy, the scent of those herbs in the autumn air. It was quite near blissful for the girl as she slowly started to meander through the rows of tents. Serafina was momentarily distracted by a rather peculiar potion seller, one whose liquid vials, when thrown, exploded into magicked butterflies and twinkling fireflies. The young witched was almost baffled by those creations, the simple artistry of it something she had never considered doing with her own capabilities. After all, though she was vain of her appearance, she was decidedly practical in all other aspects of her life. It was that vanity, however, that drew her gaze to a different tent, the girl entirely content to drag Azrael with her before pausing to pluck a dress from the wrack. "Look, Azrael, I could dress like a real witch!" She commented, with a rare giggle as she showed him the sweeping sleeves of that ebony fabric. She reached over to grab a pointed hat from above, placing it upon his head. "There, now you're a witch too. I wonder if they actually sell broomsticks. We could go native." Weather or not she was truly interested in that outfit, or merely enjoying fulfilling those stereotypes, however, still remained to be seen and yet, Serafina was hardly able to stay on track long. The dress was handed to him as a clouded crystal ball drew her attention from its place upon that table of accessories. "Ooooo, look at this…" She commented, reaching out to tap on it's surface only to have it react to the magic within her, those clouds twisting and turning in a fashion that altogether fascinated her. Well look at what she had found.

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