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aiden tetradore

He could hardly help the anxiety that was growing within him at each breathless moment he stood before that door. His emerald eyes were quite near purposefully turned towards the street that surrounded the small nook of that home's entrance. He was ever vigilant, searching for the monsters in the shadows cast even by the limited light of his own accused life. He had never meant for that auburn haired vampire to become wrapped up in his world of servitude and yet, his mistress' had an uncanny ability to simply recognize that connection he could have once had with that very woman he was still feebly trying to rescue. It was pointless, he knew well it was pointless and yet...still, he was there upon her welcome mat with every hope that, just maybe, they could change the outcome of things this time. Maybe Damon would be there with her, the very man whom had robbed him of a chance at happiness could be their saving grace. It was yet another futile hope to be placed on that near mountain of others that his life so precariously balanced upon.

His gaze shifted abruptly at the sound of that door knob turning and yet, that beautifully sweet smile painted upon that near angelic facade resulted in little but an ache within the very depths of his heart. She so willingly invited him into her sanctuary of a home, entirely ignorant that he was little more than a harbinger of ill omens and poor luck to spliter her world into two. It was near abruptly that his own inquiry fell from his lips, the were-King purposefully avoiding those usual niceties if only for the simple fact that his time was altogether limited. Risque would seek her out, it was an inevitability, as much as he hated to admit it. The sooner he could assure her safety from that very woman that had put them through so much, the sooner he could distract that venomous vampire with what she always seemed to want most - him. Tetradore watched as that warm simper so quickly dissipated from those sweet heart lips, the very corners of them turning downwards in some clear hint of discontent. Could he blame her? Certainly not. After all, it certainly was no secret, Damon's dislike of him, even if Tetradore had truly held little interest within him and yet, any tactful handling of that situation had quite near been blown to smithereens. His mind was near incapable of putting those thoughts together in some smooth coherent fashion, that adrenaline from his recent encounter made him far more erratic than he often was and certainly much less prone to that diplomatic and disinterested outlook he most often wore in the public's watchful eye.

The sway of those auburn locks and the simple admittance of her fiance's affairs brought a muttered curse to his lips, his own gaze turned downward, as if the floor might have some immediate answer for the man to grasp onto. It was but the brief mention of his face, however, that drew his attention, distracted though it was, back to the fair countenance of Isolt. "What?" He inquired, that man clearly unattentive of that inquiry that had been asked of him and yet, he hardly protested as she drew him into the warmth of that townhome. He allowed himself to be led to that small table, the man settled within that seat as Isolt found her own place upon the top of the wooden surface. "Do you know where he is?" He inquired whilst she glanced at that mark Risque's pointed nail had left within his flesh. That report on that lesion, however, was quickly waved off, the man entirely beset upon that singular goal, to the point that little could suade him to speak of anything other. In fact, it wasn't until that very comment of the man that Tetradore was so diligently looking for that he truly rewarded Isolt with any sort of answer, as baffling as it surely still was. "He can protect you, he can keep you safe. We have to get you packed. You have to go to him, I can take you there but we need to move, now." The urgency within his voice certainly could not be denied, the King so determined to make some effort to get her to safety that he had hardly paused to inform her of that very real fear that danced within his heart. Somehow, he had to save them all. He refused to believe, even now, that there was not some way they could not be spared, even if it doomed him to an eternity at the very side of Risque.


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