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aiden tetradore

Tetradore hadn't truly considered the possibility that Damon might not be present in that redhead vampiress' life. She had, after all, gifted him her very heart and soul, a matter that Tetradore himself had admitted defeat to, even if he had only just begun his own fight for that very thing. Tetradore had accepted that Isolt belonged to Damon, and just so, he was near relying on the man to be there for her when she needed him, even if Isolt herself was not yet aware of that urgency. That inquiry of where Damon was, however, was promptly followed by his assurance that it hardly mattered, as long as she knew exactly where, he was fully capable of taking her there. Frankly, the further that Isolt was from Sacrosanct, the better. He was altogether certain that Damon's absence from the town could be a blessing of sort, at least until the young woman started with those three words he had both dreaded and thought impossible to hear. Those emerald eyes turned quite intently towards her, his mouth almost agape with that simple fact that she was ignorant of her fiance's where abouts and yet, near immediately his thoughts had turned to where else he could possibly whisk her away to on such short notices.

He had already started to move, the man still dead set on the notion that anywhere away from here was possibly the best for her before Isolt's near commanding voice caused him to falter. That press of her hand upon his shoulder only furthered him to fall back into that chair, prompting the man into a rigid, anxious sort of silence. He watched as she heaved that sigh, her whole body seemed to shake ever so slightly with that near disgruntled sound. His gaze fluttered from the woman towards the door and back again. There was no denying that tenseness in his frame, much less that antsyness in that usual placidity that invaded him. That gaze she presented him with was nothing short of begging, that very look was something he was near unable to deny. That inquiry as to what he was attempting to shield her from, however, prompted his hand to run through his hair. He'd been hoping that, perhaps, he could keep the girl in the dark of the whole affair. Perhaps he could take care of the matter without involving her more than he already had. He'd near ruined her life and now, Tetradore was determined not to destroy it further.

"We were wrong, Isolt." He muttered softly, that look of defeat nestled in the depths of his worn features. "I thought..I thought she was gone. I thought I'd watched her burn. I don't know how I could have missed this." He shook his head, his gaze turned towards the floor as if he was still searching for some kind of answer. "I should have known, I've seen her use her power so many times." That gift of illusions was something she had utilized against him enough that he should have been accustomed to it. His emerald eyes refocused upon the woman in front of him, that panic still hidden in those baritone lyrics. "She' not dead Isolt. She came for me. It's only a matter of time before she comes for you too." Those words were softly uttered, as if the near suggestion of it might bring Risque to her door ever faster - if only he knew just how close she was.


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