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Sebastian Ellington

Crowned Consort of Italy

His exports had decreased. That in itself, he supposed, was hardly surprising, particularly considering the recent push for 'green energy' worldwide. Thankfully, his largest consumers were hardly touched by such desire for renewable sources, though even that, he knew, would hardly last forever. A soft sigh left his lips as he glanced over that contract upon his desk, that document was one he'd put off signing for several days now. Securing the proper rights to build that wind turbine just off the coast of Britain had taken near months to secure and now, all that was left was to sign that legal document before those crews could start their construction. Soon, Ellington Enterprises would step into a new sector of the Energy market and yet, the sheer cost of one of those offshore turbines saw Sebastian hesitate. He stared at that contract for a long moment, the vampire flipping that pen in his hand as his thoughts continued to shift and turn around those numbers, the man clearly attempting to reassure himself that this was a solid business move. He knew well a bad business decision would hardly ruin his fortune, particularly not now that he had the entire treasury of Italy to fall back on and yet, Sebastian was trying not to utilize his fiance in such a fashion. Things were so much easier when there were in France, hiding away from the rest of the world.

He had only just flipped to that last page of that contract, his pen moving to sign his name across that bottom line only for that intercom to crackle to life, Elizabeth's voice filling the silence of that room. His eyebrows furrowed ever so slightly until that singular name saw his heart near skip a beat. That panic near immediately filled his figure as he tossed that pen onto the desk, the man raising immediately from his chair. "Shit, shit, shit." Those curse words left his lips in a soft mutter, Anna-Marie's last visit was still crisp within his mind, that night had been an utter disaster, one he certainly did not want a repeat of. He was entirely thankful that his home was presently relatively empty, as rare as that was. Charles had taken Maxwell out on a walk, Dorian had ventured into town as he occasionally did to meet with the mayor of the city. All they had to do was just stay gone long enough for Sebastian to appease the young woman and somehow keep Elizabeth safe. A soft breath left his lips as he tried to calm his erratically beating heart and yet, he knew truly that it was altogether futile. It was near impossible with the damage he knew Anna-Marie as capable of doing to his home and those he cared for. Dorian would surely pick up on that change within him soon enough.

Sebastian moved towards that staircase, already contemplating how he could convince Anna-Marie to leave with that home and everyone within it intact. The vampire halted within the doorway of that kitchen, his blue eyes brushing over the peculiar scene before him. It was almost odd to see that French girl settled across that small breakfast table from Elizabeth, holding an entirely pleasant conversation. The corner of his lips tilted downwards in a frown. "Good evening, Anna-Marie." He stated, his entire form tense even as he stepped in that room. "Elizabeth, put on another cup of tea, and then upstairs, if you would." That sternness in his voice was enough to prompt the young woman into action near immediately, leaving that chair empty as the vampire approached that breakfast table. "What can I help you with tonight, ma petite?" He inquired, the man purposefully choosing his words with care. He was attempting to feel her out, to ensure that this encounter started off far better than the last one did.


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