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Sebastian Ellington

Crowned Consort of Italy

Sebastian could hardly deny that concern within him for Elizabeth's welfare. After all, it was his responsibility to protect the woman, even as she sat so politely with his maker. He could tell that look of surprise upon her features at his rather unusual snippy tone and yet, she said nothing of it. It was but moments later that the woman placed a cup of tea in that place she had moments ago occupied, only to excuse herself from that room entirely. His own gaze shifted back towards the youthful appearing French vampire, that small smile prompted a hint of veiled suspicion within him. It was unlike Anna-Marie to be so amiable. That is, except when she was rewarded with the entirety of his attention. Maybe it was that which had soothed those often child like tantrums. Even so, Sebastian hesitantly moved towards that table, taking that seat only to inquire as to why Anna-Marie had come to visit in the first place. The Englishman sipped on that tea whilst he waited for a response, attempting to calm his own nerves whilst his maker declared that question a silly one to begin with. Was it? His eyebrows furrowed ever so slightly, and yet, truly, he had been away the last few months.

From that trip to England before traveling it Italy and then those few weeks in France, Sebastian had been rather absent of late. He supposed he shouldn't have been surprised that she came all this way just to play. He was little more than a glorified babysitter when it came to his maker. A soft sigh left his lips and yet, he hardly had the chance to respond before Anna-Marie mentioned that last time. That comment that he had been lying was hardly surprising. After all, he was certain that, by now, the child vampire had discovered well his relationship to Dorian and that truth he'd veiled from her. That royal engagement was all over the news and magazine covers as it was. Or maybe she was referring to her insistence to live with him. Frankly, neither situations were very good for him. "I am sorry you thought I meant you could live here, Ma Petite." He commented, providing that apology she looked for while also clarifying his stance on that evening. "My home is filled with people you cannot eat, nor do I allow killing within these walls. It simply would not be well suited for you." He was attempting to at least appeal to her sense of convenience, foolish though it might be. "I could get you a room at the Witchery, if you like." Sebastian offered, still making an effort to care for his maker all the same, even if he was sure the girl deserved such generosity from him - particularly considering how poorly each of those encounters with her tended to go.

He hardly anticipated the way she reached out to him, handing him that powdered cookie. His eyebrows rose ever so slightly before he slowly nodded, reaching out to take it from her. "Thank you." Sebastian responded, attempting to move that conversation along to ensure she hardly dwelled on that rejection long. "Have you thought of what you'd like to play?" At the very least, he was willing to give into her in some regards. Maybe this was a better way to handle her. Maybe tonight luck would be on his side. God, he could only hope.


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