Ashes to Ashes50.46.131.56Posted On October 15, 2017 at 12:58 AM by Anna-Marie Belrose

It truly was a silly thing to think that after all his absence that Anna-Marie would take very long to be back on his doorstep. The many weeks while Sebastian was gone she had come back to the estate only to be greeted time and again only for his scent to be long gone. It meant Anna had been very huffy indeed during that time. Besides Damon there weren’t any vampires she cared to keep company with. Tonight was the first time she returned and Sebastian’s trail was fresh so the girl was determined to make the most of it.

Although Anna was being amicable enough so wasn’t above pointing out her grievances about the previous meeting. There was a quick scrunch of her nose at the mention of going elsewhere. She was quick to correct, or rather do her best to reassure, when she offered him the cookie. “Oh I don’t do that anymore. I’m like you now.” Anna flashed that winning smile before sliding off of the barstool, as if that settled everything. There was no indication on what she was doing, simply walking past Sebastian and out of the kitchen.

Anna wandered into the sitting room that she remembered from the last time. It was however much more tidy without her pulling everything off the shelves looking for the imaginary key from the game she had been playing with Dorian. “This.” Anna made a beeline for hand-carved stone chess set sitting atop the small wooden table. She slid onto one of the plush chairs at the white side, her toes just barely able to just the floor. “I like this game.” It wasn’t her usual form of play but it was a game she knew which would perhaps surprise those around her. “White goes first.” Anna moved one of her pawns forward a step before looking back at Sebastian expectantly, waiting for him to join her.



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