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Sebastian Ellington

Crowned Consort of Italy

There was no doubt this choice of game was….peculiar. It required logical thought processes and strategy rather than some sort of childish activity spurred by their more vampiric nature. Still, it was perhaps that alone which saw the vampire readily engage his maker in that match. Perhaps if he displayed a willingness in those games he found acceptable, she'd ask more after those ones rather than the kind that tended to end in someone's death. Even as he moved that first pawn upon the board, the Englishman made a near conscious effort to engage the child all the same. His inquiry of what piece she would be, if she had to choose one, was met with a sort of intense consideration that he hadn't expected from the girl. Choosing the Queen was perhaps not abnormal and yet that near flawless reasoning why almost caused the vampire's eyebrows to raise ever so slightly. He could hardly fault her logic, after all, that chess piece was certainly invaluable to the master chess player. "You are quite the Queen, Ma Petite." He commented with a soft laughter on his lips, even as he leaned forward to move yet another piece upon that chess board.

Sebastian hardly anticipated the sudden inquiries that fell from the young woman's lips, his blue eyes turned from that board to glance up at the young childlike girl. His eyebrows furrowed before, slowly, he leaned back into that chair. "I some point. Everything I own is back in England, after all." It was, however, more than just England that kept him away from her - though did he intent to tell her of that? "I went to England this last time, and then to Italy...and France." The vampire answered, hardly anticipating her assurance that she disliked his occasional disappearances. Frankly, he was surprised she had even noticed them in the first place. "Would it help you feel better if I gave you my phone number, ma petite?" Sebastian inquired. Though he was unwilling to stop his international travels altogether...perhaps this might help in some regard. Her continued insistence that she wanted to go away on somewhere that was not in a plane, however, left the man almost baffled. After all, where would they go not in a plane? Spend months on a cruise ship with a diminished population to feed from? That sounded even less enjoyable, really. That insistence brought little more than a soft sigh from his lips as he leaned his elbow against the armrest, his chin settling on his hand. "Anna-Marie….there is something I need to tell you. I'm….I'm getting married. I cannot simply just….leave with you anymore but...tell me where you want to go and I'll see if it is feasible, okay?"


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