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Sebastian Ellington

Crowned Consort of Italy

Those shadows that swayed and twisted in the corners of that room brought on a certain sort of anxiety within the man. He had expected she might dislike that announcement of his betrothal to the Italian Monarch but he had certainly not been prepared to deal with the wrath of her affinities once again taking over his home. Even despite that clenching of her fists and display of her abilities, this was a matter Sebastian altogether refused to bend upon. Now that he had found Dorian, the mere notion of a life without the fae felt wholly impossible. That marriage was something he found himself looking forward to, even despite those concerns over the details of it. With Dorian, he'd found some level of happiness his life had been lacking before. It was something he refused to let Anna-Marie take from him. That simple correction and that almost firm declaration of exactly what her options were, however, seemed to cut that tantrum off short in a way that even the Englishman hadn't quite expected. For a moment, he stared at her nearly quite as blankly as she eyed him. He watched as her fingers unfurled and those shadows slowly seemed to dissipate - only for one single word to leave her lips. Okay…?

His eyebrows raised in a hint of surprise, even as Anna-Marie easily returned to that chess board in front of them. That switch within her had been so abrupt that he was almost unsure of how to handle it. He watched as her finger reached out towards that chess piece, tipping it over with a declaration of his skills at that strategic game. "Er……" He stated with a measure of caution. Was it really that easy? Just that suggestion of her involvement within his marriage and everything was fine? That warm look of….pride upon her petite features only furthered that uncertainty within the man. He had never anticipated to find such warmth within his maker and yet, she seemed wholly delighted within him in a fashion that a part of him almost..relished. Those emotions she was capable of coaxing within him were nothing short of baffling. Thankfully, it was that talk of a dress that provided a ready distraction for them both. Slowly, Sebastian nodded, "Yes, a very pretty one. There will be...a great many people there, so you have to be on your best behavior, Anna-Marie. Anything you do will be a reflection of me." It was, perhaps, an almost obvious statement and yet, Sebastian found a whole new set of concerns besetting him now that Anna-Marie was choosing to attend the event. He could almost imagine what Dorian would say when he told him. This was not going to go well.


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