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Malek Ackerman

You're my water. You're my wine.

She was rather… perky tonight. Not that Malek had any qualms about it.

Though the vampire had hardly known Chizue for more than a few days he found her irresistible in that innocent and sweet kind of way. And even drunk Chizue still had innocence coating her. If he weren’t such a gentleman he probably would have stolen her away to his home hours ago and not allow her to leave until the following night. His thoughts are chased away by the cool air that dances across his skin, his hand securely wrapped around Chizue’s own, guiding her along the sidewalk.

Before he knows it, he’s reaching down and kissing those delicate lips of hers and his desire rushes through his blood so quickly he struggles to break away from the kiss. When he does, he’s breathless and rather thankful he breaks away when he does or he very well might have missed the sky slowly lightening. Swallowing that desire, he points it out and explains to her quietly that his home is close by. Malek is delighted to see she agrees and notes that excitement dancing in her eyes with the prospect of running through the streets. Letting out a quiet chuckle, he firmly grasps her hand again and glances down at her, “It is very beautiful,” he comments, though he very clearly was not speaking about the sky.

Adjusting his hand in hers, he smiles down at her, a bit wild eyed at the possibility of not making it home before the sun rises. Grinning like a fool, he pats her hand just once, “Ready?” he asks before he pulls her down the sidewalk, laughter emitting from his vocal cords as he watches Chizue. Her smile was contagious and he couldn’t help but match it as he flies down the road, dodging the few people that were still out at this hour. Letting his eyes trace the sky momentarily, he picks up the pace as the sky continues to lighten at an alarming pace. Rounding the corner, he spots his door and hauls Chizue up the steps, two at a time, nearly carrying her all the while. Latching onto the handle he throws the door open and drags her inside, just as the sun peaks over the buildings.

Breathless, he slams the door shut and leans on it releasing a bout of laughter, a wild glint dancing in his eyes. His hair is slightly askew from their flight, though he doesn’t take any notice. Instead, he drops Chizue’s hand and replaces his on the small of her back, pushing off the door frame. “I think that’s the most excitement I’ve had in decades, Chizue,” he laughs quietly before guiding her through the hallway and into the open expanse of his condo. It was clear money was a factor in his home, though it was modest. Clean and simple, a fireplace in the middle of the living room and a small sectional that paired nicely with the rest of the décor.

Entirely ignoring the living area, he guides her to the kitchen and pulls a bar stool out for her so she can sit down, before he walks to the other side. “Can I get you anything? Or would you perhaps like a tour of my home? I must warn you, it’s nothing spectacular, nothing like that castle that faerie king has.” He grins at her broadly quickly rummaging through the cabinets and producing a glass. Filling it with water from the fridge he places it in front of her, leaning on the bar casually, his gray eyes never straying far from hers. “Drink,” he orders, pushing the glass of water closer to her. The poor Asian woman was more drunk than he had originally anticipated, the dash here had more stumbles than he could care to count.

You're my whiskey. From time to time.


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