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Those colors that lit the sky were altogether breathtaking to the young woman, the girl quite near on cloud nine with the alcohol that ran through her system and the taste of Malek upon her lips. She hadn't seen the sunrise in years, the vampire entirely young enough that she still missed the sensation of the sun upon her skin and the warmth of the summer sky. It was entirely tempting to simply stand there, and there was every chance she might have until the touch of those bright rays brought her pain if it was not for the sound of Malek's voice suggesting they return to his flat. Well that sounded exciting! The suggestion that they run back to that home was enough to prompt any thoughts of lingering from the young woman's mind, the girl quite ecstatic to take him up on that offer. She reached out for his hand, quite near pulling him forward and down that sidewalk, at least for a few feet before the young vampire allowed her companion to take the lead, after all, she hadn't the slightest idea of where exactly she was going. That laughter on her lips was all but infectious, her head bobbed almost belated at that inquiry of whether or not she was ready. She was certainly more then ready!

Chizue all but allowed Malek to guide them, her feet occasionally tripping over themselves at those abrupt attempts to dodge those whom were still meandering down that street. Admittedly, she was hardly watching exactly where they were going, her gaze still upon the sky with that warm grin as she watched that darkness disappear to warmer shades she all but adored. Chizue knew she should have been scared for her near impending doom and yet, she hadn't considered exactly the consequences of her choices tonight. Such things simply didn't exist. Rather, the girl merely ran after her companion, allowing herself to be half carried and half hauled up those steps and into the cool quietness of that home. Her pale features were quite near flushed with life in the aftermath of that sprint, her breath heavy and yet that grin hardly faltered even once. Instead, those dark brown eyes glanced up towards Malek at the sound of his voice. "You clearly haven't been living!" She exclaimed, offering him an almost teasing wink. He'd been hanging out with all the wrong people!

Her gaze briefly fluttered around that space of the living room, "Ooooo…." She commented softly of that more modern decor. This place was nice! Nothing at all like her own townhouse she shared with Isolt. Unfortunately, Chizue hardly had a chance to truly appreciate that living space before she was led towards the kitchen. There was some aspects of her persona that still stayed in tact, even beneath that change brought by her feast and that alcohol. Politeness near demanded that she follow Malek and yet, that kitchen was really just as fascinating as the living room. Slowly, she settled on that bar stool that was dragged out for her alone, her head shaking at that simple inquiry of there was anything she wanted. Well, maybe that wasn't true, there was something she wanted, even if she didn't voice it yet. Rather, her attention was momentarily tugged at by the mention of some faerie king. "Castle?" She inquired, her head tilted to the side in an ever inquisitive gesture. Faerie King? Had she heard him right? She hardly expected that sudden glass to appear in front of her, the young girl quite near wrinkling her nose as she stared at the clear contents. "Can we light the fireplace?" Chizue asked, looking back up at him as if that was vastly more important than mere water. Cuddling in front of the fireplace….or water….yup, she knew which one she chose!


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