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The youthful vampire was altogether oblivious of the effect that she seemed to have upon her companion. Rather, those deep chocolate eyes roved the depths of that home with a hint of remarkable curiosity. This was quite unlike anything she had ever seen. Though Chizue had once enjoyed her own fair share of wealth, even she had lived with her family to care for them, as was expected of her in her home country. Here, she'd moved in with Isolt to help the woman cope with the friend and fiance she had lost. Though money had never before been of any real consequence to her, it had slowly begun to dawn upon the girl that without a sort of expiration date upon her life, that amount she had accumulated as a singer certainly was not going to be enough to last forever - hince her continual modest dwelling and working of a job she particularly disliked. Unfortunately for her, however, she was hardly given a chance to linger long upon that living room and the large fireplace that called to her, the woman instead dragged off down some white wash hallway into a kitchen that likely was underused, guessing from the immaculate state it presently was in. She couldn't help but to wonder if there even was food or cooking supplies behind those cupboards. It was certainly a vexing conundrum, even as she watched him pluck a glass from a shelf that held it's own perfect array of others. God. He was so damn perfect, wasn't he?

Her internal thoughts, however, were drawn from the man as he placed that glass before her, her nose near wrinkling at it's existence. Water was the last thing Chizue wanted in the given moment. It was, perhaps, that which caused the girl's attention to quickly shift to that mention of a palace, the idea wholly fascinating. She'd never been to a house even as fancy as Malek's, much less anything even more expansive! It was hard for the young girl to even imagine! "Really?" She inquired as Malek insisted that though Sacrosanct hardly held any sort of palace, it certainly had it's own fair share of magnificent homes. They were probably all in the North side - a place she'd never really been to begin with. "I bet they are amazing." She muttered almost wistfully, her chocolate eyes quickly finding that fire place once again. She was aware, vaguely, of the way his own gaze followed hers and quickly, Chizue turned her attention back towards the man only to offer him her plans for a 'good night'. She hardly expected that laughter that roared from his lips and yet, she handled it quite good naturedly, almost beaming at him in return all the same. Chizue hardly expected that bargain that she was given in return, a glimpse of consideration crossing her features before she nodded firmly. "Okay!"

She was rather enthusiastic to find that glass of water suddenly plucked from in front of her, the young woman near bounding down that seat as Malek took her hand within his own. She bounced with ease alongside of him only to flop upon that sofa in an almost childish fashion. Her nose wrinkled ever so slightly at that water she was given and yet, she took it within her petite hands all the same. Her 'drinking' consisted of little more than careful sipping as she watched in a wholly fascinated fashion whilst Malek built up that fire. She leaned forward ever so slightly, entirely in awe of it only for her companion to remind her of that glass in her hands. A pout crossed her lips but, she raised it to her mouth all the same, taking a big gulp of it to at least get that glass half way empty. See! That was progress! Her chocolate eyes fell upon that sudden flickering flames, a sound of glee immediately left her lips. Her gaze shifted towards Malek as he rose, that beam altogether present upon her sweetheart lips. She watched as Malek moved closer towards her, that water altogether forgotten - at least, until he mentioned that half empty glass. She could hardly help the groan that left her lips. "Maaalllleeeeeeekkkk." She whined and yet the girl hardly expected the soot that quite suddenly was painted on her features.

That giggle was almost nearly as infectious, the young woman reaching down to put one slender finger within that glass, just enough to get the tip wet before the girl reached toward, lightly poking his nose. "I dunnooo, I think this is what you get for giving me such a boring drink!" She responded, the young woman still far more forward and happy then she usually tended to be. Tonight, however, she hardly gave such considerations to how that woman had so changed her persona. In fact, she was entirely focused upon that fireplace that she had so requested. "It's so pretty, isn't it?" She inquired, her gaze shifted from the man towards those flames and back, entirely delighted with how that evening was turning out, even if that desire for sleep was slowly beginning to encroach upon her.


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