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Malek Ackerman

You're my water. You're my wine.

Malek was altogether aware of her chocolate gaze lingering on his back while he worked on the fire. It took a few minutes but the fireplace slowly began to flicker to life; until the logs caught fire and crackled in the quiet condo. Satisfied, he straightens, smiling at Chizue as he crosses the room and plops down beside her, content to remain next to the woman while he scolds her for not drinking the water. The way she draws his name out in a whine has him laughing quietly, just as he traces a finger down her face with that soot that so coated his fingers. He notes the surprise that lights up her face a giggle resounding in his ears, his own delight mirrors hers when she dips her finger into that water and pokes him on the tip of his nose.

That bellowing laughter rolls out of his lips as his shoulders shake with amusement. “I don’t think you want to have that battle with me,” he says brightly, snatching the glass out of her hand and leaning over her to set it on the table. Breathing in her scent, his gray eyes travel down to hers in that moment relishing that brief moment of where their bodies touched. He pulls away too soon, but when he does he keeps an eye on her as her gaze is drawn to the fire. “It really is,” he says a bit absentmindedly, though his eyes remain on Chizue, ignoring the fireplace altogether.

Raising an arm, he puts it on the back of the couch behind her head and draws her a touch closer to him, his gray eyes flaring at the sight of her sitting so close to him. Malek didn’t entirely have himself leashed fully, and perhaps he might regret it later for not asking Chizue permission. With his other hand, he lifts it to her face, stroking her cheek gently, his thumb tracing the line of her jaw in an effort to get her to look at him. And when she does, Malek merely locks his gaze with her chocolate eyes, a wry smile adorning his features as he briefly notes the exhaustion beginning to creep into her small frame.

“Forgive me for not asking permission again, I can’t seem to help myself around you,” he murmurs just as he leans forward and plants another kiss upon her deliciously soft lips. Nipping at her lower lip, he seeks access to her mouth, wanting to deepen that kiss. The sun that so drags itself up and over the city, filters into the condo, though, Malek shows no alarm as the light reaches them on the couch. He had requested those glass windows be installed with the strongest UV protection so he might enjoy looking at the sun whenever he wished, rather than living in fear of it. Perhaps he should’ve warned his companion, though the thought is too far gone for him to even remember.

Pulling away briefly from Chizue, he grins down at her, planting one, two, three small kisses on her lips, tapping his finger to her nose, before he stands, pulling her to her feet. “Come, let’s get you to bed,” he says softly, leading her by the hand down the hallway and pushing into the bedroom. Dropping her hand, he steps into the closet and retrieves a shirt, handing it to the small woman. “Here, it’ll be more comfortable than sleeping in that,” he gestures at her clothing that constant smile lingering on his lips as he fights to control the urge to help undress her. “You can sleep in my room tonight.”

You're my whiskey. From time to time.


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