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Chizue could hardly stop that grin that settled on her features at that unexpected roar of laughter her antics brought to the man in front of her. She liked the way he looked when he smiled, and when he laughed. Although he perhaps had more facial hair then Chizue liked….well, really he had more hair in general then the girl often went for, she could hardly deny that she had a sort of undeniable draw to him. That bemused comment of her ability to start such a battle with him, however, was met with only an an impish grin. "I dunnnooo….I think you just don't want to lose." She responded and yet, she hardly tried to stop him as he pulled that glass from her fingers. Frankly, she was thankful to not have to continue sipping that water any longer. Instead, Chizue's chocolate eyes turned towards the fire, the young woman entirely entranced by those flickering flames, commenting in an almost absent minded fashion of the beauty she found in that conflagration. She was ignorant, in that moment, of the way Malek's gaze rested upon her or the fashion that his response was directed more towards herself then that fire he'd started for her own amusement.

It was the touch of his hand against her shoulder that prompted a reaction from the young woman, Chizue innately leaned into his side. A soft yawn crossed her lips, that exhaustion slowly setting in as the weight of that rising sun so beset her instincts. Her gaze shifted from from that fight at that genteel touch of his hand against her jawline. Those chocolate eyes turned upwards towards the man in an entirely inquisitive fashion. That idle comment of permission, however, prompted a glimpse of confusion from the young woman. Chizue hardly made that connection between that touch, those words, and that forward lean that came next. Rather, that almost sweet kiss caught the young woman off guard, her lips entirely soft and tender against his own. She leaned into that kiss, that nip upon her bottom lip created a soft sound of surprise from the back of her throat and yet, Chizue hardly made an effort to pull away from the man. Rather, the girl was entirely content to give into his desires, her mouth parting to provide him with that access he so desired, her tongue almost tentatively brushing against his own in a fashion that was entirely exploratory.

She was oblivious, in that moment, to the light that shone through those windows, creeping ever closer towards them. That threat of the sun simply didn't matter, not with Malek's lips against her own. In fact, it wasn't until the man pulled away from her that Chizue was aware, even slightest, of the brightness in the room and the sleepiness that threatened to tug at her. Unfortunately for that sun, she was hardly ready for this night to be over, not yet. After all, how often did men like Malek like girls like her? Men who, beneath a beard too long and hair too shaggy still somehow managed to be far more handsome than most of those individuals upon that street. She could hardly help that grin upon her lips as he stole far more gentle kisses from the woman, only to tap lightly against her nose. Chizue hardly protested as he led her by the hand into that bedroom, the woman instead followed behind him, considering just where she wanted to take that evening. It was hardly her own persona that prompted that almost mischievous idea into her head as those chocolate eyes surveyed the room. Chizue slowly made her way towards the edge of that bad, turning but slightly at the sound of his voice as that much larger shirt was offered to her.

The almost doll like vampire gently laid that shirt upon the bed before her, even if she had no intention of putting it on. Rather, her slender fingers tugged at the hem of her own shirt, pulling it up and over her head only to deposit it onto the floor. Her hands went to hear jeans, her hips wiggling ever so slightly as she pulled those tight pants off of her figure, the material falling around her feet. She stepped out of those clothes with a warm simper on her features, pausing to glance over her shoulder at him only to crawl onto his bed, the woman turning to face him before she reached out her hand, quite clearly inviting him to join her.


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