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dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat

Fully dressed and ready for a day of running errands, she moves to the front door of her cozy apartment and slips on her black tennis shoes. Reaching for her phone and keys on the small table beside the door, she looks to the window again knowing full well that Chika would once again be sitting upon that ledge, letting the weak warmth of the sun soak into her splashed pelt."Be home soon, girl. Don't have too much fun without me okay?", she calls out to her feline friend who only turns those jade eyes to Beylani for a moment before turning back to resume observing the world below. Smiling, the young woman steps out of the apartment, naturally turning to lock the door behind her, and descends down the stairwell and to the concrete below where her white sedan waits for her. Unlocking the driver side door and climbing into the seat behind the steering wheel while in the same swift movement closing the door behind her, she reaches into her front pocket to pull out the list she'd written last night of the things she needed to do today. Groceries... Post office... See something new. These were the things she intended on accomplishing today. Each and every day she was determined to see something she hadn't yet seen in Sacrosanct, her way of making this concrete jungle feel just a little more like home - on top of familiarizing herself with the innumerable amount of streets and junctions that this city was composed of. It seemed like even when she was trying to get to the same café she always managed to somehow get turned around and find streets she was so certain hadn't been there last time. With time, her travels through the busy city would come easier, but it would take less time if she allowed herself the opportunity to learn by more than mere accident (or in other words, getting lost). Placing the key into the ignition and giving a small twist of her wrist, old reliable starts right up and with a careful glance over her shoulder, the blue-eyed blonde backs out of her designates parking space and drives off, ready to see what bounties Sacrosanct would offer to her today.

It is just after the sun has disappeared behind the tall skyscrapers and jagged peaks in the far distance that the young woman returns back to the comforts of Riverdale. She pulls back into her parking space, slow and careful to ensure that she doesn't bump into the blue hatchback to her left or the silver SUV to her right, before turning the key once more and the growl of the engine becomes silent. Climbing out of the sedan and shutting the door behind her, she moves to the back of her car and pops open the trunk to grab the three plastic bags full of groceries that she'd picked up on her way home, the final stop of the day having been the local market that she was growing increasingly fond of. The elderly husband and wife that owned it were always so kind to her and after exchanging a few small conversations, Beylani was beginning to feel just that much more settled as she remembers the familiarly that came with shopping at the local farmer's market back in Willowhaven. Gently closing the trunk of her car, she begins the ascent up to her apartment door where surely she would be greeted by the anxious and whining meows of her friend that always acted like she had been away for an eternity. The lights beneath the overhang flicker on now as their timer commands, lighting her way down the row of doors to neighbors she had yet to meet but when she comes to her own apartment, she pauses. Sitting there upon her welcome mat was a small brown package."Well, that's peculiar", she says to herself as she walks the remaining distance to her front door. She'd been told by the landlords that mail was not delivered to Riverdale often, hence why she'd gone to the post office to establish a post office box for the coming holidays when she knew that her family near and far would be sending greeting cards and the like. She bends over to pick up the package, inspecting it for a moment before shrugging to herself and placing it into one of the plastic bags so that she could open her front door.

Once inside, she sets the bags onto the small coffee table and begins unpacking. She places the carton of milk abs various other food items in their lives respectful places, all the while wondering about the brown package sitting there begging to be opened. There wasn't a return address to suggest where it had come from, and if her parents had sent her a care package she was certain she would have received a text from either her mother or father regarding the estimated day of arrival so that she could be there to retrieve it from the delivery person. After everything was packed away and the plastic bags stored in a cupboard below the sink, she moves over to the coffee table and sits on the futon before reaching out and placing the package in her lap. Carefully and almost contemplative, she tears away the tape sealing the box. She opens it then and eyes suddenly widen in shock at what she finds inside. A nikon D5 sits there in the center, surrounded by packing paper to keep it from getting damaged during the course of its journey from wherever it came from to her front porch. Surely this had to be a mistake? These cameras cost more money than she could ever hope to save. She lifts it from its place in the box and examines it in awestruck wonder. She'd only ever dreamt of having such a camera like this to call her own... She looks back into the box and it is there that she finds a white envelope. There is no trace of a signature, nothing but blank and stark white. Setting the camera delicately down into the futon beside her, she turns the envelop over and opens it.“Beylani darling, do not venture forth into dark and scary places again.” There was only one being that knew of her little incident a couple nights ago, and what's more there was only one that she could think of who would write in such a refined manner. Andras. So, he had felt something when he'd so easily destroyed her camera then? A warm smile dances across those blush-colored lips as she thinks of the tall, dark fae and this unforseen gift that she almost felt like she couldn't accept. Removing the box from her lap and picking up the new and certainly expensive camera as she stands from her place on the futon, she knows then and there that she needed to find him so that should could thank him properly. After such a gesture, it was only right. Besides, she wondered just how it was he knew where she lived anyway when he had declined her invitation to breakfast. Maybe he had someone follow her... Maybe he had simply seen her leaving somehow. However he'd found her, surely he had to live close by? It seemed unlikely considering she couldn't quite picture him living in a cheap apartment with how he dressed and composed himself but she reminds herself that he also was not human so there really was no way she could try and figure out just how he discovered her location.

Dismissing the thoughts that began to swim through her mind like koi in a pond, she moves back to the front door after retrieving her white waterproof double breastfed trench coat from the hook upon which it hung. Stepping back outside and locking the door behind her, she carefully tucks the camera into her jacket and close to her breast. It was dark now, but the sparse street lights were more than enough to allow Beylani to push away those words of warning he'd written on that note now sitting on her coffee table inside. She would only look for him for a little while, what was the worst that could happen? She descends down the stairwell once again and sets off down the street, leather boots shielding her feet from the puddles here and there from the downpour earlier today. Baby blues look all around, surprised by how different the dark shapes of the buildings on this side of town looked, only the taller hotel buildings beaming with light through the glass windows of those who left the curtains open wide. She pauses after having walked several blocks, stopping beneath a street lights just outside a dark alley. Perhaps she should turn back... She looks over her shoulder, realizing only now that she could not see Riverdale in the distance any longer. She then looks ahead of her towards the small homes and various other apartments and duplexes, the streets having grown quiet as night crept over Sacrosanct. She wanted to find him, but then she suddenly can't shake the feeling of eyes upon her skin... Slowly, heart beginning to beat a little faster within her chest, she peers into the dark alley."Hello?", she says softly and yet her voice seems to carry far into the narrow walkway as it bounces off the tall brick walls that tower far above her head."Is anyone there?", she asks curiously and almost shyly. What respectable person would be slinking around in the shadows of an alley? She stays there beneath the light, now beginning to look around her to see if she could find the source of that eerie feeling she was being watched. Then again, it could all just be her imagination right?

Beylani Rose~
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